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Town Hall office hours:
Mon - Thurs 9 AM - 3 PM

P. O. Box 160
222 North Old Wire Road
Avoca, AR 72711

Map to Avoca Town Hall at
222 N.Old Wire Road

Avoca Fire RescueAVOCA FIRE & RESCUE
Emergency Tel. 911
Other: 479-631-6551

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Avoca Town Newsletter - January 2013

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We want to start out 2013 as a year to create a Town we can all be proud of. Since our town is growing, each of us can make a huge difference by keeping our piece of Avoca beautiful. We have two annual town clean-ups, but it is an everyday issue.

Here are just a few issues that need to be addressed and corrected by property owners and residents in our Town (Ordinance No. 80 and Zoning Code)

  • inoperable vehicles, boats, equipment, mowers, etc.
  • unsightly conditions – trash, weeds, junk, etc.
  • abandoned and/or burned properties
  • operating business without business permit
  • dumpsters not screened
  • building without building permits

We can all do this together….let’s make Avoca the ‘ole timey’ neighbor helping neighbor. If you have any issues, questions, comments, etc. please contact Town Hall and we will do our best to find a solution.

** Is your 911 address visible and legible from the street fronting your property? Your house number shall be a minimum of 4 inches high and contrast with their background and placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street fronting your property.

We don’t think about this unless we have an emergency….let’s be proactive and get this done. It may save a life of one of our loved ones.

Mark your calendars:

Spring Clean-up – Saturday, May 11
Community Picnic – Saturday, September 21
Fall Clean-up – Saturday, October 26
Country Christmas Parade – Saturday, December 7

We have had an exciting past year and some changes are in place.

Avoca Disc Golf Course is just about complete!  There have been a lot of people out practicing their skills.  Get your discs and come play!

The 2012 Easter Egg Hunt was again very successful and the first annual Trunk or Treat was a big hit.  A huge thanks to Avoca One Stop, employees and participants!

Christmas parade just keeps getting better and better…thanks Santa!

Thanks to all those that volunteered for our spring and fall clean-ups.  We love our volunteers and can always use more!
One big disappointment… Dollar General tried 2 times to come into Avoca.  One piece of property would not handle a septic system and the other property had title issues.  We will not give up though!!

Another exciting thing for Avoca is we can use the District Court in Little Flock.  This will give us an avenue to file and prosecute misdemeanors and other violations, codes and regulations.  Along with this, the City of Little Flock will be providing the personnel to investigate and document violations within the Town of Avoca.

Avoca Council & Planning Commission worked hard this past year to make some necessary changes to our zoning code. 

They will be working again this year to make additional needed changes. Zoning Code is available on website or call us for a paper copy.




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