A picture of activity comes to mind as the history of Avoca unfolds. In this bustling 1800's settlement the busy stagecoach brought the mail, travelers and commodities to the post office and Mr. Peel's store that was nestled down in the valley, known to us today as Brightwater. This stagecoach route became "Old Wire Road".

During 1880 and 1881 the Frisco Railroad was making its way through the land and Avoca was promised a station if the town would relocate to the top of the hill. In 1881 Mr. Peel moved his store and post office about a mile and a half away to where Avoca sits today, and so our Town was founded. Story has it that Mr. Peel's wife was responsible for giving Avoca its name and it is also believed Avoca is an Indian name meaning "the gathering Place". If true, then the name is as fitting today as it was then. The move, and the railroad, must have agreed with Avoca because by 1920 Avoca was a booming town serving the area as a busy freight and passenger train stop.

Avoca served her community well with stock yards, fruit elevators and canneries, a candy store, boarding house, and grocery store, and doctor and telephone offices. In 1934 highway 62 was built west of the tracks, and with the depression era setting in, businesses began leaving, but Avoca endured. Now sometimes referred to as the "Gateway to North Beaver Lake" with several back road accesses to the Lake. Avoca was incorporated in 1966 thus preserving the country lifestyle.

The hometown atmosphere continues to attract families and businesses. Avoca is rich with history and community service, participating significantly in the growth of Benton County.










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