Town Meeting Minutes

March 9 - 7:00 PM

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Present: Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Herb Hawkins, Kathy Hansen, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory, Kathleen

Guests: Larry Slingsby, Trella and Roy Scates

Mayor O’Dell called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and declared a quorum was present.

The minutes of February 9 were accepted, as presented, by acclamation.

February 2010 financial report was reviewed. Report was accepted by acclamation.
Bowen reported the attorney fees for preparation of Ordinance No. 84 (fire dues on ballot) was $780. Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the attorney fee, in the amount of $780, be deducted from the fire department’s budgeted allocation. All approved. Motion carried.

Six month financial statement has been published.

Avoca Fire & Rescue

Bowen presented Fire Chief Elliott’s report dated March 8. The department has been busy working on information for ISO. They will meet with ISO on Tuesday, March 30th. Department has re-billed Avoca residents that have not paid their 2010 fire dues. Bowen reported Ordinance No. 84 has been filed with County Clerk and Election Commission. Election is May 18.


Larry Slingsby, zoning official, mentioned there has been a lot of questions concerning the partial log building at Beaver Storage. The building is only being stored and not being used as a demo.

Fred Bartell, Beaver Storage, has inquired about placing a billboard on Hwy 62 outside the Town’s limits. Bowen has sent Mr. Bartell a copy of Avoca’s zoning ordinance. Mark Weidler has inquired about a building permit for a shop he is building, just outside Avoca’s limits.

Minutes of Regular Meeting
March 9, 2010
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Mayor O’Dell reported the planning commission met February 23 and will meet again March 30. They elected their officers; set meeting times and dates and are reviewing a set of by-laws. Bowen to get a map from NWARPC so the commission can see their territorial jurisdiction and set their planning area. They also will need to adopt a zoning code in the near future. Planning commission members are Jordan Sullivan, chairman, Trella Scates, secretary, Ronnie Smith, member, Lynn Daves, member, and Loretta Hawkins, Vice-Chair.

Committee Reports:

Spring Clean-Up will be Saturday, May 15th.


Isaias Martinez has completed cleaning out the ditch line and underbrush on the south side of Benton County 74/Woods Lodge Road.

Mayor O’Dell reported he will lay the blocks to help with the water flow in the north BC 74/Woods Lodge Road ditch line this month.

Mayor O’Dell to contact Benton County road department to see if the County is still set to clear, install the concrete whistle and other necessary work on BC 74/Woods Lodge Road, during spring break.

Mayor O’Dell reported installing gravel ‘T’ at the dead-end on Shepherd Road, where Rader Drive was closed, is completed.

Street and traffic lights – all in working order

4. Park

a. Veteran’s memorial – on hold

b. Ald. Hansen reported the GIF grant monies have gone from $180,000 to $20,000 and the State has received 85 applications totaling more than $3.4 million. Avoca’s request for rubber mulching for the two (2) playground areas totaled $18,574. The grantees will be announced around May. It was agreed the playground areas are in need of mulching now. Mayor O’Dell to contact Mr. Wells, Good Wood, to see if we can get wood pine chips from him. Using the County’s inmate labor and putting down weed barrier was discussed.

c. Rachel, Avoca Fire & Rescue, will attend our April council meeting to present the idea of the fire department putting vending machines in the park, for a fund raiser.

d. Mayor O’Dell reported he mentions the ditch line on the south side of the park, at every Benton County Water board meeting. The deadline for all construction clean up is around August 2010.

e. Bowen to call and have a porta potty set. Due to previous vandalism, securing the potty was discussed.

5. Town web site – Bowen reported Erik Weems is still in process of assembling and designing new website. Web site is looking great!

Minutes of Regular Meeting
March 9, 2010
Page 3

6. Farmer’s Market – Bowen to contact Becky Hedden to schedule an organizational meeting. Council agreed the Farmer’s Market vendors need to operate on their own. Using the lot at ‘Rose Street Warehouse’ was suggested.


Business Permits
1. Bowen reported business permits have been renewed, for 2010, for the following twelve businesses: Clear Channel Outdoor, J & S Auto, Inc., Tri-Star Automotive & Tire Repair, K & K Auto Sales, Kimball Automotive, Uncle Sam’s Fireworks, Good Wood, Yulianita’s Mexican Restaurant, Jake’s Bar-B-Que, Taterbug’s Furniture & Flea Market, Warpspeed Performance and Beaver Storage, LLC.
2. McClelland & Sons and Fulton Properties are delinquent on their business permit renewals.
3. New business permit was issued to Lila Hawkins and Robert Shoptaw for R & J’s Trading Post & Pawn at 497 S. Highway 62. Nature of business is pawn and trading post.

Building permits

none issued
Ald. Hansen asked that fee structure for building permits be re-visited in April.

Unfinished Business:

1. Municipal court and police department – no report
2. Unsightly conditions –
a. Bowen reported McClelland & Sons, Inc. property is for sale. Council instructed Bowen to send then a letter concerning the unsightly conditions on the property and what their plans are to do away with all the inoperative machinery, etc.

New Business:

Information from various towns/cities in the state concerning the details of business licenses/permits – no report
Bowen reported the Town closed on the Rick Austin Property, now known as the ‘Rose Street Warehouse’ on February 18. Warehouse has been insured, Town has received filed warranty deed and title insurance. Mr. Austin should be vacated by April 4th. Mayor O’Dell reported he has asked Mr. Austin to install a 5’ gate leading from the empty lot to the park grounds.
Ald. Hawkins announced he has filed for JP – District 6, which serves the Avoca residents on the west side of Hwy 62.

Minutes of Regular Meeting
March 9, 2010
Page 4

Bowen introduced Ordinance No. 85, an ordinance authorizing payments for services to members of the Avoca Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustments for attending meetings of the planning commission and board of adjustment. The Ordinance was read in its entirety. Ald. Hawkins, seconded by Ald. Hansen, moved the first reading of Ordinance No. 85 be accepted. All approved. Motion carried.
Bowen reported the County is in the process of getting an emergency alert system, Cooper Notification. Apparently the entire county will be covered for one year.
Municipal offices file ‘petition of nominations’ with county clerk August 4 – 24 for November 2nd general election.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Hansen, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:30 PM. All approved. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Bowen
Recorder- Treasurer

Mayor Thomas O’Dell


Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen

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