Town Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2010 - 7:00 PM

Re-Scheduled Regular Meeting

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Present: Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen

ALD: Herb Hawkins, Kathy Hansen, Darlene Gregory, Kathleen Shields
Absent: Ald. Dennis Pinkley

Guests: Larry Slingsby, Jeanne Varnell, Bob and Jo Evans, Jordan Sullivan, Adam Kinney,

Jeremy Metcalf, Leonard and Mindi Stewart

Mayor O’Dell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.

The minutes of July 13 were accepted, as presented, by acclamation.

July 2010 financial report was reviewed and approved on a motion by Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Hawkins. All approved. Motion carried.

Jo Evans was in attendance to explain and invite all to the Northwest Arkansas Preparedness Fair sponsored by the American Red Cross. Fair will be Saturday, August 21st from 10 am – 2 pm at 1101 McCollum Drive in Bentonville.

Avoca Fire & Rescue – Jeremy Metcalf, deputy fire chief, presented the Department’s report dated August 10. Generator (20 KW) has been installed and ready to go; camera, funded with grant, has been ordered; ISO survey – class will drop from a class 9 to a class 6 beginning November 1; Council approved sending Adam Kinney to EMT class at NWACC; Council approved using monies from 2010 line item “Community building – repair/maintenance” to reimburse department for monies spent on electrical work done on the community room; Council agreed it is OK for department to use allotted budget amount during the year or end of year.


Larry Slingsby, zoning official, reported Mr. and Mrs. Stewart were present concerning a mobile home they had moved onto their property at 517 Rader Road. There is currently a mobile home on the property that has been vacant, which they had planned on moving out and setting the other trailer in its place. According to zoning codes, the trailer is too old, too small and the property is not zoned for mobile homes. The Council praised the

Stewarts’ for the great job they have done cleaning up the property, but the mobile home cannot be placed on the property.

Larry Slingsby also received a complaint about the waste from a camp trailer, sitting behind a single wide trailer at 425 Shepherd Road. Slingsby contacted Caroline Eastman, Benton County Health Department, and she sent him pictures and an email stating when they visited the property in September 2009 there was not any sewage on the ground in the area, and the existing house septic did not show any signs of surfacing. Health Department will go out and look at the property again, if they receive a written complaint.

Jordan Sullivan, planning commission chairman, reported Assembled Products wants to split three (3) parcels. Part of the property is in Avoca and part in the County. Next commission meeting will be held September 28. Bowen mentioned this may be a good time to try and get all the property annexed into Avoca.

Committee Reports:

Fall Clean-Up will be October 23.


Mayor O’Dell reported the flow devices in the north ditch line on BC 74/Woods Lodge Road are being observed and he still needs to look at the south ditch line.

Mayor O’Dell reported Benton County road department has installed the concrete whistle on BC 74/Woods Lodge Road at the cave. Job well done.

It was suggested we contact Ar. Highway Department and Benton County to see if they have any surplus sand/salt spreaders. Council agreed we also need to look at obtaining a serviceable vehicle. Contacting Benton County to see if they would sub-contract snow/ice removal, was also suggested

Harley to remove pine tree and limbs on Rader Road.

Mayor O’Dell to contact Greg Hines concerning a joint effort to asphalt from the new culvert on BC 74 to McClinton Anchor’s entrance.

Street and traffic lights – all in working order

4. Park

  • A. Veteran’s memorial – Mayor O’Dell reported the marble has been installed, and the fence is being powder coated. There will be an early preview of the memorial on Tuesday, September 14 for the residents from Fayetteville Veterans Home. Bowen reported donations to date - $3,255 expenses - $8,945.
  • B. No work has been done on the ditch line on the south end of the park and the whistle under Old Wire Road. It was suggested the Mayor give Benton County Water a deadline to have completed.
  • D. Sand in sandbox has been replenished and “no parking on grass” signs have been installed.

5. Town web site –Contact information for the planning commission, along with election material, invite to Veterans Memorial dedication and edits have been added to website.

6. Farmer’s Market – No report


Business Permits – none issued
Building permits – none issued

Unfinished Business:

1. Municipal court and police department – no report

2. Unsightly conditions –

  • A. McClelland & Sons, Inc. – Should be attending September council meeting to discuss cleaning up property and also business permit.
  • B. Superior Dock to be contacted concerning their property on Highway 62.

3. Stenciling for “In God We Trust” was selected. Bowen to order.

New Business:

Bowen to still compile information she has gathered concerning business licenses/pemits, for Council’s review.

Bowen forwarded information on Benton County’s Reverse 9-1-1 system to the Council and Avoca Fire and Rescue.

Mayor O’Dell attended the Quorum Court’s July 22 meeting to ask about the charges on the statement received for May 18 election. Mayor O’Dell, R/T Bowen, Ald. Pinkley and Ald. Hawkins attended the August 10 meeting of the Committee of 13, concerning the statement. E.J. Miller, chairman of Election Commission is to bring a copy of statement submitted to the State Election Commission to Town Hall on August 18.
Bowen to attend Municipal Clerk Institute at U of A in Fayetteville September 19 – 24. Bowen asked if she could stay in Fayetteville for the week vs. mileage back and forth each day. Council agreed.

Bowen trying to obtain information on train ride to Van Buren in November.

Jeanne Varnell said cars are still parking in their front yards on Hobbs Road. Zoning Official Slingsby to contact those in violation.

Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Shields, moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:25 PM. All approved. Motion carried.

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