Town Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2011 - 7:00 PM

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Present:  Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen

ALD:  Darlene Gregory, Kathleen Shields, Dennis Pinkley, Jordan Sullivan                          
Absent:  Ald. Kathy Hansen
Guests:  Robbie Smith, Larry Slingsby, zoning official
Mayor O’Dell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

Robbie Smith was present to see what the Council’s plans are to take care of his drainage problems.  Mr. Smith had attended a council meeting in May 2009 and claimed his culverts (3) were too small to handle the water flow coming down Woods Lodge Road. After lengthy discussion, Mr. Smith agreed he would be satisfied if the Town installed culverts large enough to handle the flow and had the ditch line follow the road. 

Ald. Gregory, seconded by Ald. Sullivan, moved the Town find out what needs to be done to correct the drainage problem and have the work done.  All approved.  Motion carried.
Mayor O’Dell to make contacts and follow up.

Alderman Pinkley asked that a ‘dead tree on Woods Lodge Road’ and ‘dog (pit bull) charging around the fence on the park grounds’ be added to agenda. 

The minutes of May 10, 2011 were accepted, as presented, by acclamation.

May 2011 financial report was reviewed and approved, as presented, by acclamation.  Bowen pointed out renter, Joe Jones, of ‘Rose Street Warehouse’ is not making rent payments.

Avoca Fire & Rescue – Fire Chief Elliott’s report stated they have had 226 runs to date; have 22 active fire fighters and now have 4 captains due to increase in personnel.  The department should receive their quick attach truck, being built by Sunbelt Fire, by the end of the year.  June 18 is annual BBQ.

Planning - Jordan Sullivan reported the commission will meet June 28 for quarterly meeting. 
Zoning - Larry Slingsby reported there was a building permit issued to Dale Coffelt at 411 Russell Road for a 24 X 32 workshop.

Committee Reports:

  1. Clean-Up – Bowen reported there was 5.10 ton of solid waste collected.
  2. Streets
  3. Bowen presented a draft list of streets in Avoca, breaking them down as primary, secondary and private.  Lengths of all streets to be measured. Once completed, list to be forwarded to Mr. Black, Benton County, to see if they would be interested in snow plowing.
  4. Mayor O’Dell reported the concrete work that needs done on the south side of BC 74, has not been started.  He may contact some of the volunteer firemen to see if any, may be interested in the work.   The 50 feet drain line to still be laid and staked down. 
  • c. Discussion on the damage at the end of driveway of Kathy Hansen was tabled.  Where the newest black top on BC 74 meets her driveway, it has lifted.

  • d.   Mayor O’Dell reported the town had a lot of washing from the rain, but no more than others. Areas of the ditch line on Rader Road that are washed out and deep, to be  looked into further.  Mayor O’Dell stated serious work is needed on Rader Road and BC 74.

  • e. Mayor O’Dell reported he met with APAC representative and Old Wire Road, north of Dancer Road to W. Rose and E. Rose Street need paved/overlayed.  Scope of work, footage, etc. to be worked up and announcement of bids to be published.

Street and Traffic lights – all in working order

4.   Park
a. No report on sign for the depot pavilion.
b. Dusk to dawn timers placed on the lighting to the apple shed pavilion and flag.
c. Bowen reported the rubber mulch for the large playground area will be delivered the    week of June 20th at a cost of $10,908.
d. The 2011 ‘Apple Shed’ recipient will be announced between 4:45 and 5:00 pm June 18 at the annual community picnic.
e. Bowen reported she contacted NW Fence and was quoted over the phone, it could cost between $350 - $500 if posts need replaced, but he may be able to straighten.  To look at job Friday, June 17. 
f. Bike rack has not been ordered.
5.   Town web site – no report

Business Permits

  1. Business permit was issued to Joey Korte, Korte Restorations, at 487 S. Highway 62.
  2. Bowen reported the small engines repair business that had not obtained a business permit in the Tucks Chapel/Hwy 62 area has taken sign down and closed.
  3. Bowen to contact Sears Gentry to see who is setting up a firework stand on his property.  Permit has not been applied for.

Building permits

  1.  Building permit issued to Dale Coffelt for a 24 X 32 workshop at 411 Russell Road.

Unfinished Business

  1. Annexation – Assembled Products – no update
  2. Council asked Bowen to get them all another copy of the draft ordinance concerning business permits, which included the criteria discussed previously by the council, and they will revisit in July.  Bowen reported the draft did not include language concerning seasonal agri sales.
  3. Bowen reported the Town’s first set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents were served on attorney Robert Teague on behalf of the Stewarts.  They have until June 17, in which to answer and produce documents. 
  4. Public hearing was held at 6:30 pm, today, June 14, and council approved a lien against    the property at 309 Sheppard Road.   Brian Mencl and Terra Wood and two (2) lien holders were advised they had until June 14 to pay for the cost of cleaning the property ($500) plus attorney expenses totaling $1417.91.

 New Business:

  1.    Mayor O’Dell reported he talked with Mr. Maxwell, with FEMA concerning the National Flood Insurance Program.  Mr. Maxwell to send information for Council’s review.
  2. Bowen reported the Town received a refund of $313.68 from Benton County.  Refund was for G & A expenses charged for the 2010 special and general elections.
  3. Bowen reported Senator Cecile Bledsoe called to let Avoca know there is a public hearing this evening concerning redistricting.  She is contesting current map showing the legislative district lines and wants to make sure Avoca, Garfield and Gateway stay in her district.  Senator Bledsoe will lose approximately 20,000 people in her new district.
  4. Council agreed rent for Mr. Joe Jones will be prorated.
  5. Bowen to contact local tree service to get trees on town’s grounds cut back.
  6. Pit bull on park grounds – very little discussion
  7. A large dead tree on the back side of Floyd Haws property on Pearl, which extends out over Woods Lodge Road needs to be looked at.  Mayor O’Dell and Ald. Pinkley to look into the situation.
  8. Announcements –Community picnic – June 18th; ; BCWD #1 annual meeting – June 21st; Avoca Planning commission meeting – June 28th        

Ald. Sullivan, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:50 PM.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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