Town Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2011 - 7:00 PM

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Present:  Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD:  Kathleen Shields, Dennis Pinkley, Jordan Sullivan, Kathy Hansen  

Absent:  Ald. Darlene Gregory
Guest:    Larry Slingsby, zoning official
Mayor O’Dell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

The minutes of June 14, 2011 public hearing, concerning the Brian Mencl and Terra Wood property cleanup, were accepted, as presented, by acclamation.

The minutes of June 14 regular meeting were accepted, as presented, by acclamation.

June 2011 financial report was reviewed and approved, as presented, by acclamation. 

Avoca Fire & Rescue – no report

Planning - Jordan Sullivan reported the commission met on July 5 for their rescheduled regular meeting.  Jeff Hawkins, NWA Regional Planning Commission, was present to discuss the various options the commission has for adopting a Master Street Plan.  Planning commission will hold a special meeting/workshop on August 2nd to work on master street plan and possibly sub-division regulations.
Zoning - No building permits have been issued.

Committee Reports:

1. Clean-Up – Bowen reported fall cleanup will be Saturday, October 22nd.

2. Streets

a. Bowen reported she still needs to get the lengths of streets in Avoca, so they can be forwarded to Mr. Black, Benton County, to see if they would be interested in snow plowing.

b. Mayor O’Dell reported he had contacted J Johnson Construction to look at the work needed on the ditches on the south side of BC 74 and Rader Road.  Due to estimated cost the job must go out for bids.  Advertisement for bids to be published and specs written up for work to be performed.              

c. The damage at the end of driveway of Kathy Hansen was discussed.  Main problem is   there is no culvert.  No action taken.

d. Sealed bids were opened on the asphalt overlay on N. Old Wire Road and E. Rose Street.  Bids were as follows:  Tomlinson Asphalt Co. Inc. - $94,148; APAC-Central Inc. - $72,250; Hutchens Construction - $117,700.  Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Sullivan, moved the Town of Avoca award the bid to APAC-Central, Inc.  All approved.  Motion carried.

e. Mayor O’Dell reported J. Johnson Construction, Inc. had looked at the drainage issue on BC 74/Woods Lodge Road in front of Robbie Smith’s and submitted an estimate to rework and reroute ditch and replace culverts with 18” squashed pipe and repair drives.  Estimate - $5,240.00   Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Shields, moved the Town accept estimate from J. Johnson and have job completed.  All approved.  Motion carried.

f. Mayor O’Dell reported a culvert (12”) is needed at Center and Orchard.  Mayor and Ald. Sullivan to look at job.

g. Question whether Elm is a private street came up.  Bowen to look into.


3. Street and Traffic lights – Street light out on corner of Orchard and Main.

4.   Park

a. Sign for the depot pavilion is work in progress.

b. The rubber mulch for the large playground area was delivered and spread June 28th.

c. Bowen to contact another company to get the fencing repaired.

d. Bike rack will be ordered in 2012. 

5.   Town web site – no report

Business Permits

  1. Business permit was issued to Kathy’s Fireworks at 483 S. Highway 62.

Building permits – none issued

Unfinished Business

  1. Annexation – Assembled Products – no update
  2. Copies of draft ordinance concerning business permits were made available to Council.  Bowen was asked to include language concerning seasonal agri sales and place on August’s agenda.
  3. Bowen reported the Town received answers from Stewarts’ to our first set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents. Letter was sent asking for supplements to their answers; a second set of interrogatories, to get clarification on some of the answers to first set, were sent.  The Town received a second set of Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents, with one additional question.  Copy of requested letter was sent to attorney Robert Teague on July 6.  Once we receive Stewarts’ supplemental answers to our first set and answers to our second set of interrogatories, the Town will ask for a hearing date.
  4. Bowen reported, to date, the Town has not received payment of $1,417.91 for the cleanup on the property at 309 Sheppard Road. Bowen is to notify our attorney on status of payment July 22 and if not received the Town will file a lien against the property.
  5. Dead tree on the back side of Floyd Haws’ property to be removed from agenda.

 New Business:

  1.    Mayor O’Dell reported he has not received the information from Mr. Maxwell, FEMA, concerning the National Flood Insurance Program. 
  2.   Bowen reported the dates for the Municipal Clerks Institute in Fayetteville is September 18 -23. 
  3.   Mayor O’Dell has signed the memorandum of agreement for BC Alert and 2011 prorated cost has been paid.  Bowen to receive training in near future.
  4.   Trash issues for the duplexes at 300 Rose Street were discussed.  None of the four families have weekly trash service; Benton County Environmental Office has been involved; property manager and owner have been notified of unsanitary conditions.  Eight (8) bags of trash were hauled off today to Inland and Environmental Officer Higgins has given them until Thursday, July 14 to have balance of trash removed.
  5. Announcements –Avoca Planning commission meeting/work session – August 2        

Ald. Shields, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:35 PM.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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