Town Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2012

Minutes of Regular Meeting


Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD:  Dennis Pinkley, Jordan Sullivan, Kathy Hansen, Darlene Gregory, Kathleen Shields 


Guests: Adam Kinney, Larry Slingsby        

Mayor O’Dell called the regular meeting to order at 7:05 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

The minutes of June 12, 2012 regular meeting were accepted, as corrected, on a motion by Ald. Hansen and seconded by Ald. Sullivan.  All approved.  Motion carried.

The minutes of special meeting held July 1 were approved, as amended, on a motion by Ald. Sullivan and seconded by Ald. Gregory.  All approved.  Motion carried.

June 2012 financial report was approved, as presented, on a motion by Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Avoca Fire & Rescue – Adam Kinney informed the Council on the department’s training, year to date fire runs and monies raised from the annual BBQ.  The department has a firefighter that recently graduated from the Fire Academy and they are also working on a shelter.
Bowen reported representatives from NEBCO EMS will attend August council meeting.  Bowen to attend intergovernmental meeting on July 16, which will address study done by the County on county ambulance service.

Planning/Zoning –
Zoning Official Larry Slingsby reported he addressed some trailer/RVs issues on Rose Street in June.

Planning - Chairman Sullivan reported the committee will meet again on July 11 at 6:30 PM.  Public hearing scheduled for September.

Committee Reports:

  1. Clean-Up – Fall cleanup will be October 27.
  2. Streets
    a.  J. Johnson Construction Co. has completed the ditch work on Orchard.
    b.  Re-decking trailer – no report
    c.  Mayor O’Dell reported the 2010 L3940 HST Kubota tractor has been purchased.  Cost was $19,200 plus tax.  Mayor would like to build a cover on the Kubota for approximately $200. 2002 Kubota was sold for $2500.
    d.  Water flow on BC 74 – Bowen reported she had talked with Dr. Van Brahana, hydro geologist with the University of Arkansas.  After discussing the situation and per our conversation, his ‘no charge opinion’ is it is highly unlikely the Town’s actions caused the well to dry up and is far reaching.  Bowen also reported she had contacted Attorney Slinkard about who should pay for a ‘cause and effect’ statement and he said the Town needs to be very cautious when paying for expert opinions and setting  precedents.  Ald. Hansen has connected to Benton County Water and has not had time to contact the Corp of Engineer to get their opinion of the situation.  Ald. Sullivan moved the item be tabled until August meeting.  Ald. Gregory seconded the motion.

                Roll Call:  Ayes:  Sullivan, Gregory, Shields, Pinkley
                 Abstain:  Ald. Hansen
                Motion carried.

3.   Street and Traffic lights – All in working order   
4.   Park
a.  Ald. Hansen reported Andy still has the drawing for the depot pavilion sign.
b.  Apple Shed recipient for 2012 – 2013 is Avoca One Stop.
c.  Mayor O’Dell reported he is looking into the cost of a bronze plaque memorializing the location where the moving Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was in the town park.

  1. Needed benches and tables to be ordered after the disk golf project is completed. 
  2. Avoca Disc Golf project – still progressing.  Bowen to meet with the Avoca Extension Homemaker Club on July 11 to explain project and to see if one of the tees can be put on their property.
  3. Ald. Hansen gave a report on information she had obtained on a ‘splash park’.
  4. Discussion was had on the fence dividing park west and the parking area.  There is a welded pipe on the top of the fence, so cutting the fence in half, could present a challenge.  Keeping the two (2) areas separated was discussed.

 5.   Town web site – up to date

Business Permits -none issued

Building permits  
      1.  Building permit was issued to Ernesto Batres for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1,368 square feet, brick home at 824 Old Wire Road.

Unfinished Business:
     1.  It was reported farm equipment is on Brian Mencl and Terra Woods property, 309 Sheppard Road, at various times, but not all  the time. Mayor O’Dell to talk with Fred Kimball about towing vehicles/equipment for the Town when needed.  Agreement between the two (2) entities to be drawn up before using Kimball’s services.  Once set up, Ald. Shields volunteered to let town hall know when equipment is on the property. 
     2.  Bowen reported she still has not found out what company insures the Lynn Fulton property at 839 Lester Lane.
     3. Bowen reported Harold Bartizal’s deadline to have the house torn down and the property brought into compliance at 846 Tucks Chapel Road is July 12.  It was reported the house is down, but the property has not been cleaned up.  Ald. Sullivan, seconded by Ald. Hansen, moved to start the legal procedures for property cleanup, if the property is not in compliance by their deadline.  All approved.  Motion carried. 

New Business:

  1. Draft ordinance – business permit – no action

      2. Bowen reported Little Flock district court is waiting on their attorney to draw up agreement between the Town of Avoca and Little Flock District Court.    
     3.  Livestock issues - tabled    
     4.  Bowen to order a plaque for the mural in the lobby done by Shirley McDaniel.
     5.  Information packets for the 2012 general election for independent municipal candidates were distributed.  Filings begin July 27 and ends at noon on Friday, August 17th.  The five (5) alderman positions are up for election.
     6.  Bowen reported she will be attending the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council meeting on July 16.  Topic for discussion is the County’s EMS/Ambulance study.
     7.  The Town having an engineer on retainer for various town construction jobs and the type of engineer needed was discussed.  No action taken.

Ald. Shields, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:20 PM. All approved.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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