Town Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2013 - 7:00 PM

Minutes of Regular Meeting


Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD:  Jordan Sullivan, Nanette Barnes, Darlene Gregory, Dennis Pinkley      
Zoning Official Shirley McDaniel  

Absent: Ald. Kathleen Shields                
Guests: Adam Kinney, Mike Hartwig

Mayor O’Dell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

Items added to agenda are: Streets 1f ‘applications received (3)’, Business Permits 3 ‘those without business permits’, Old Business 4 ‘feedback; when/what areas to start on’, New Business 8 ‘purchase of property’, New Business 9 ‘lawn mower’.

Ald. Sullivan moved the minutes of January 8 be approved, as amended.  Ald. Barnes seconded the motion.  All approved.  Motion carried. 

January 2013 financial report was reviewed and approved, as presented, by acclamation. 

Avoca Fire & Rescue – Adam Kinney reported there have been 37 runs to date and 23 personnel.  The department’s main emphasis the past month has been training.  Avoca EMTs may start working more with NEBCO EMS. 

Planning/Zoning –

  1. Jordan Sullivan reported the Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for Jeromy Stewart.  His business is S & S Auction at 499 S. Highway 62.
  2. February 26th board of zoning adjustment meeting will be canceled, due to lack of business.  Chairman Sullivan would like to hold a committee workshop at 6:30 pm on February 26.  Committee members are Chairman Sullivan, planning commission members Jay King and Loretta Hawkins, council members Dennis Pinkley and Nanette Barnes and staff Diane Bowen and Shirley McDaniel.
  3. Suggestions for a new member to the Planning Commission were discussed.  Bowen to contact Christina Batres to see if she would be interested in the position.

Zoning – Zoning Official Shirley McDaniel presented her monthly report.  She also questioned whether Dan Kessler’s fence on Sheppard Road is in compliance with the zoning code.

Ald. Sullivan, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the rules be suspended and “Mike Hartwig property – offer” under New Business be discussed.  All approved.  Motion carried.
Mr. Hartwig and the Council discussed the property at 121 W. Rose.  The property did not percolation when Dollar General was interested in the property, but Mr. Hartwig stated the property passed a perc test in 1997 on the north side of the property.  Health Department does not have a copy of the test results.  Property is a nice location with highway frontage and access road, but not real useful without a septic system.  Town could use the property for a farmer’s market with a park like setting.  Mr. Hartwig also said the property could be rented to Uncle Sam’s Fireworks.  After full discussion, Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Sullivan, moved the Town offer $30,000 cash and pay half of closing costs.  All approved.  Motion carried.
Mike Hartwig to get back with the Town concerning the offer.

Committee Reports:

  1. Clean-Up - Next clean-up will be May 11, 2013.
  2. Streets -     
    1. Mayor O’Dell reported the planning committee will be working on road specs.
    2. Mayor O’Dell reported we have the specs for cross walks that City of Rogers use.  Rogers uses a company that installs the cross walks using thermoplastic.
    3. Ald. Sullivan recommended QPR be used to fill the pot holes  on corner of Rose and Main Street and also on south side of Rose Street between Hwy 62 and railroad.  Product can be purchased at Lowes.
    4. Sidewalk program was discussed.  Ald. Gregory asked if Rogers does their own sidewalks.  Mayor to find out. 
    5. Tree limbs hanging in the road on Tucks Chapel, Pearl and Smith Ridge Turn-Off were cut back by Benton County Road Department.
    6. Mayor O’Dell to contact Adam Kinney, Avoca Fire & Rescue, to have culverts blown out.

3.  Street and Traffic lights

    1. A new pole and street light were installed at corner of Lester and Old Wire.
    2. b. Mayor O’Dell reported it could cost up to $5,000 to get a turn signal on our traffic light.  The item was discussed when Dollar General submitted their plans.  It was agreed to delete item from agenda.

 4.   Park

    1. a. The sign for ‘depot pavilion’ has a little more work to be done before it is ready to hang.
    2. b. Avoca Disc Golf Course – Two tee signs need to be installed, one sleeve needs repaired or replaced and etiquette sign needs ordered and installed
    3. c. Benches, tables, and trash receptacles have been installed by RJR Enterprise. 

5.   Town web site – up to date      

Business Permits

1.  Bowen reported twenty-three (23) businesses have renewed their business licenses to date.  R/T Bowen will supply a listing of all licensed businesses in March.

2.   Two new business permits were issued. AFuel at 810 Lester Lane does alternative fuel conversions and S & S Auction, 499 S. Highway 62 was issued a business permit after the Planning Commission granted a conditional use permit.

3.  Ald. Pinkley asked Bowen to contact Avoca Fire & Rescue to see if they would do a fire inspection for AFuel.

4.  Bowen to work on getting letters out to those doing business in Avoca without a business permit.

Building permits none issued
Unfinished Business:

  1. ‘Consulting engineer’ to be taken off agenda.
  2. ‘Address/zip code’ to be taken off agenda.
  3. Newsletters were mailed out to residents/businesses towards the end of January.  Using Little Flock District Court and Little Flock officers to investigate and document violations within the Town were addressed in mail out.  It was agreed inoperable vehicles and burned/abandoned structures need to be the first 2 items the Zoning Official works on.  If there are other violations besides vehicles or abandoned structures, they should be addressed in the same letter at the same time.
  4. The duplexes on Rose Street were discussed again.  Zoning official to take pictures and R/T Bowen to contact the attorney that is taking care of the properties since the owner’s death. 

New Business:

  1. Dogs – No action was taken on the Ordinances provided from Benton County.    
  2. Town has not heard back from Judge Clinard since Mayor’s meeting with him in January concerning our request for continued support from the BC Environmental Office.
  3. The Town’s agreement with NEBCO EMS has been signed by both parties.
  4. Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the Recorder-Treasurer’s legal holiday schedule follow Benton County’s holiday schedule.   All approved.  Motion carried.
  5. Resolution No. 02-13, a resolution setting forth the meeting rules of the Town Council, was read in its entirety.  Ald. Pinkley moved Resolution 02-13 be approved as read.  Ald. Gregory seconded the motion.  All approved.  Motion carried.
  6. Bowen reported the State is starting 2010, 2011 and 2012 audit.
  7. The need for a new lawnmower was discussed.  After full discussion, Ald. Gregory, seconded by Ald. Sullivan, moved Mayor O’Dell purchase the mower.  Cost not to exceed $10,000.  All approved.  Motion carried.

          Meeting was adjourned by acclamation.   

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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