Town Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2013 - 7:00 PM

Minutes of Re-scheduled Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Jordan Sullivan, Nanette Barnes, Darlene Gregory,
Dennis Pinkley, Kathleen Eversole
Absent: Shirley McDaniel
Guests: Ronnie Smith, Roy Foerster

Mayor O’Dell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

Consent of agenda:

Elm Street added to agenda.

Roy Foerster spoke during the public forum concerning the culverts and ditches on Rader Road.  He said he had been told months ago ditches would be pulled and culverts would be cleaned out.  Mayor said he did not have an answer for the problem.  In January 2012 the town spent $43,770 on ditch work on Rader and BC 74.  Council agreed cleaning the ditches and culverts will not help the erosion problem, but the ditches need to be kept maintained.
Ronnie Smith was present to discuss the revised business permit Ordinance that is scheduled to be placed on its third reading.  Mr. Smith said when he purchased his business permit, it was his understanding he would pay a one-time fee of $25. 

The minutes of September 10 were approved as presented, by acclamation.  

September 2013 financial report was reviewed. Bowen noted the last column for budgeted balances was not updated.  Ald. Gregory, seconded by Ald. Sullivan, moved the report, without the budget balances, be approved.  All approved.  Motion carried. 
Line added to report for the new state ½ cent sales tax with a running total.
Bowen to send out corrected September report.

Avoca Fire & Rescue
Bowen read report from Fire Chief Elliott.   They cleared $2,000 from the BBQ.  It was questioned why we need a monthly report from the department, since it does not involve the Town.  The Mayor said we need it because we cannot help the department unless we know what is going on and we have a vested interest in them, since we give them money each year.


Planning/Zoning –

  1. Chairman Sullivan reported the committee will meet again after the first of the year.
  2. Planning commission meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 3.
  3. State law has changed concerning planning area boundaries.  NWARPC has sent a proposed planning area boundary that will go before the planning commission and then Council.
  4. Kathy Hansen will be off the council one year in January and will be eligible as a planning commission member.  Mayor O’Dell to talk with Ms. Hansen concerning the possible appointment.

No report.  Mayor asked that zoning official be placed under new business on November agenda.

Committee Reports:

  1. Clean-Up – Fall clean-up will be Saturday, October 26.  Containers from Deffenbaugh for bulk items, trailer from BCSWD for passenger tires and a trailer for metal from the fire department will be available for residents.  Bowen to find out the costs of recycling tractor tires.
  1. Streets -
  1. Mayor O’Dell reported he has not heard back from anyone on the flood relief.  He does not think the County has looked at our roads and does not remember who he talked with.  He has not heard from our state representative, Sue King, either.  Bowen reported she has not talked with anyone and no paperwork has been submitted.  It is believed the deadline has passed.  No action taken.  Mayor O’Dell mentioned due to his new work hours it is nearly impossible to make calls or do any of this anymore.
  2. Johnny Johnson has not started the job on Chinook Drive, due to a big job on Highway 62 that needs completed.  Mayor O’Dell said with the job that needs done, he believes we are out of the growing season, as far as sod, etc.  Bowen to see if Johnson can dig the ditch now and do the erosion control in the spring.  Mayor also said we could probably dig the ditch out with the front end loader, but he is not sure if our help can do that.
  3. Elm Street – Elm Street is a private road.  Mayor O’Dell to contact Mr. Wilson concerning the washing out and condition of Elm and see what would have to be done to bring the road up to Town standards.  Bowen to get contact information on Mr. Wilson to Mayor.
  4. Magnetic signs for vehicle have been ordered and received.

3.  Street and Traffic lights

a. Bowen called in a street light that is out on Old Wire Road.

4.   Park

  1. Grand opening of the Avoca Disc Golf Course was very successful. Great turn out and lots of complements on the course.
  2. Bowen to order ‘share the road’ signs.
  3. Ald. Barnes presented quotes and designs of t-shirts.  Ald. Eversole, seconded by Barnes, moved the council order 50 shirts at an estimated cost of $8.50 plus shipping.  All approved.  Motion carried.

5.  Town web site – up to date

Business Permits
a. New permit was issued to Mike Jeffcoat for Payless Auto, at 515 Tucks Chapel Road.  Business is for auto repair and detail and is not open for public.  Business permit was issued after being contacted by Little Flock police.

Building permits – none issued

Unfinished Business:

  1. Duplexes on Rose Street - Bowen reported the selling price for the duplexes (both) is $60,000 and the price on the house at 301 E. Rose is $30,000. Our contact with First Federal Bank has been sent the new zoning code. 
  2. The Daves property at 405 Smith Ridge Turn Off to be turned over to Little Flock.
  3. Little Flock’s latest report, October 14, on the Mencl property at 309 Sheppard Road is Mr. Mencl has made some improvements on the property and most of the trash is now gone.  Only items left are mainly heavy equipment or tools.  Little Flock to visit with him again and give final deadline for everything to be taken care of.

New Business:

  1. Bowen reported she has an appointment with Attorney Slinkard on a condemnation ordinance for structures.  No emergency clause needed in Ordinance.
  2. Proposed Ordinance No. 96 was discussed. It was suggested that new businesses fall under the proposed Ordinance and current businesses would not have to pay annual license fee.

    Ald. Eversole, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the proposed Ordinance be re-drafted to grandfather existing businesses, unless they change name, business location or business activity.  Ordinance to include an emergency clause. All approved.  Motion carried.   

    Bowen to contact Attorney Slinkard to have the Ordinance re-drafted.

    Mayor told Council if the third reading was not brought up or was not done tonight the proposed Ordinance No. 96 will be ‘dead in the water’. 

  3. Mayor O’Dell, Ald. Gregory, Ald. Barnes, Ald. Sullivan and R/T Bowen met again and discussed plans/vision for new property. Fencing, driveways, asphalting, etc. was discussed again. Name of new park area will be “Steam Whistle Depot”.
  4. Sheetrock work to be done in lobby by H. K. Knox.
  5. It was reported, it is believed, a liquor permit was issued in Avoca.
  6. Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Eversole, moved the ½ cent State sales tax (municipal four lane highway construction) be earmarked for sidewalks.  All approved.  Motion carried.
  7. Arkansas Municipal League winter conference will be held in Rogers January 29 – 31.  Bowen was given the OK to attend.  Ald. Barnes to see if she will be able to attend the conference.
  8. Bowen reported a complaint was received from a resident on Rader Road concerning inoperable vehicles, lawn mowers, etc. at 400 Rader Road.  To be turned over to Little Flock.
  9. Ald. Sullivan requested his budget for the planning commission remain the same for 2014.
  10. Resolution 04-13, authorizing the rate of property tax for the Town of Avoca for the year 2013 to be collected in 2014, was introduced and read in its entirety.  Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Eversole, moved Resolution 04-13 be approved.  All approved.  Motion carried.  Millage will remain at 5.0 mills.
  11. Ald. Sullivan, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the pulling of ditches and cleaning of the culverts on Rader Road be put out for bids.  All approved.  Motion carried.

    Erosion control to be looked into at a later date.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM on a motion by Ald. Sullivan and seconded by Ald. Pinkley.  All approved.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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