Town Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Present: Mayor Thomas O’Dell, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Jordan Sullivan, Nanette Barnes, Darlene Gregory, Dennis Pinkley, Kathleen Eversole, Zoning Official Larry Parrish

Mayor O’Dell called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of silence.

Consent of agenda:
Bowen asked that renumbering Condemnation Ordinance be placed under new business on the agenda.

The minutes of March 11 were approved as presented by acclamation.

March 2014 financial report was reviewed and approved as presented, by acclamation

Avoca Fire & Rescue

Mayor O’Dell reported the fire board meeting was canceled and he will get the agreement for fire service signed at the next meeting. No report submitted by Chief Elliott.


– no report



    1. Chairman Sullivan reported the Planning Commission met March 25. 

      Member Trella Scates submitted her resignation, due to health reasons; Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission, due to a new state law, wants to downsize our planning area to the north and commission voted to keep what is legally ours; reviewed and discussed landscaping information for commercial properties. Chairman Sullivan was asked to and contacted Mr. Bill Engels to see if he would be interested in serving on the commission and said he would.  Mayor O’Dell to make contact with Mr. Engels.


    1. Larry Parrish reported he has been going over old files, letters, and previous cases and making new files.  He will be working on drafting a letter and would like to meet with people before sending out letters.

Committee Reports:

1. Clean-Up – Spring clean-up will be Saturday, May 10.  Bowen has registered the Town with Great American Cleanup, contacted Deffenbaugh for containers, Benton County for a trailer for tires and the fire department to collect metal again.  Flyers will go out in the next day or so.

2.  Streets

    1. Ald. Gregory reported the planning commission committee met April 2nd and discussed street and drainage specs.  City of Rogers’ specs were reviewed. Bowen to make agreed upon changes.  Once completed, the committee will review again; send to planning commission to review; and then to Council for final approval/adoption.

    2. Erosion control, ditches and culverts on Rader Road – on hold until Council reviews and makes a decision on the “QBS” (qualification based selection) for procuring the services of an engineering firm.

    3. Ald. Sullivan reported the Town obtained our Ford fleet number and he ordered the truck on March 31 from Les Jacobs Ford and it will take 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.  After we receive the truck we will need to procure a truck bed.

    4. Town will have to purchase a hopper and plow.  Fischer kit, no installation, runs approximately $10,000. We will also have to have a place to contain and confine sand and salt.

3.  Street and Traffic lights
     a. No known problems.

4.   Park

    1. Bowen reported NW Fence’s quote for chain link fencing on the Steam Whistle Depot property is $7,114 for 522 feet of heavy four feet chain link fencing with a 20 feet gate.  $5,495 for the same footage, etc. except it would be for residential wire and rail with heavy poles. Bowen to obtain more quotes on 522 feet heavy chain link fencing and 20 feet gate. 

    2. Dirt work, grading and asphalting on Rose Street adjacent to Steam Whistle Depot property was discussed.  Mayor O’Dell to contact APAC for consultation; Bowen to pull contract with APAC concerning the sign on the property; needs graded before SB2; aprons to be asphalted; specs to be written.

    3. New soccer and volleyball nets were purchased.

    4. Ald. Barnes questioned if the Town should allow political signs on Town property, since it gives the appearance the Town is backing them.  Mayor O’Dell said he gave Ronnie Smith permission. Bowen to look into the zoning code concerning signs and forward to council.

      Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the Council ban political signs on Town property. 
      Roll Call:  Ayes:  ALD Pinkley, Barnes, Gregory, Eversole
      Abstain:  Ald. Sullivan
      Motion carried.

      Ald. Sullivan suggested we contact the Arkansas Municipal League for an opinion.

      Mayor O’Dell to contact Mr. Smith.

5.  Town web site – up to date


Business Permits

    1. Bowen reported she has turned J & S Auto, Inc. over to Little Flock for not renewing business license, while still operating his business.  

    2. Bowen reported she is waiting on new civic guides, before sending letters to all licensed businesses concerning new business permit ordinance.

Building permits

    1. none issued

Unfinished Business:

    1. Report from Little Flock Chief Martinez:

    a. Mencl property – citation was issued to Mrs. Mencl; court date is April 17 at 2 pm.

    b. 520 Rader Road – spoke with the owner; to remove trailer full of trash

    c. J & S Auto – left card with Avoca Auto for Mr. Jones to call; has not received a phone call; to follow up

New Business:

    1. Ald. Barnes volunteered to contact Benton County again concerning leash law and/or law for vicious animals. 

    2. Facebook page has been set up.

    3. “QBS” – qualification based selection – Ald. Sullivan moved this be tabled until May.  Ald. Barnes seconded the motion.  All approved.  Motion carried.

    4. Procedures for Development of State Aid Construction Projects for Cities – Ald. Gregory reported she had read the document.  Mayor O’Dell to write a letter with the work the Town would like to have completed. Rader and Woods Lodge (BC 74) Roads may be good candidates for the project.

    5. Bowen reported she had talked to Becky Hedden concerning a Farmer’s Market.

    6. Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved Town employees using their own vehicle for Town business be reimbursed quarterly at federal rate.  All approved.  Motion carried.

      Harley’s pay includes vehicle and Dave fills his vehicle at Avoca One Stop on Town’s account.

    7. Bowen reported Swepco filed for an appeal hearing on their proposed transmission line on 3/14/14.

      Announcements were made.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm on a motion by Ald. Eversole and seconded by Ald. Sullivan. All approved.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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