Town Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2015 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Nanette Barnes, Darlene Gregory, Dennis Pinkley, Kathy Hansen, Jay King. Zoning Official Larry Parrish
Guests: Robert Bryan Vickers

Mayor Sullivan called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of Silence.

Mayor Sullivan recognized guest Bryan Vickers, Ozark Riders Motorcycle Club. Mr. Vickers wants to have a canned food drive on Saturday, May 2 at 10:00 am and would like to use the pavilion on Park West and would also like to have use of the restrooms in Town Hall. Ald. Barnes volunteered to open and close Town Hall. Food drive will benefit NWA Food Bank.

Added to the agenda

Streets e. Additional personnel (part time/temporary); f. Bad Boy mower repairs New Business: 5. Bowen – September time off

The minutes of March 10 were approved as presented.

March 2015 financial report was approved as presented. Bowen commented there were a lot of checks to AT&T, due to changing over to one bill for phone and internet.

Avoca Fire & Rescue

Bowen reported the expenditure report form to close out the General Improvement Funded Fire Protection Grant Program has been submitted.

NEBCO EMS Bowen reported NEBCO EMS has requested their $2,000.00 budgeted allotment.



    1. Ald. King reported the planning commission met on March 31and had a special meeting April 7; to further discuss the proposed changes and language to use in the zoning code. Changes consist of landscaping, manufactured homes, and a few minor changes. Bowen and Ald. King to meet and get the ‘language’ correct on the needed changes. Public hearing will be May 26.
    2. Planning commission meetings have been changed to every other month and meetings will begin at 6:30 PM.
    3. Sidewalks need to be added to Master Street Plan.


    1. Zoning Official Parrish reported he is aware of a few issues on Russell and Sheppard Roads that need his attention concerning cars and mattresses.

Committee Reports:

    1. Spring clean-up will be Saturday, May 9th. Bowen to contact Jason Evans, Boston Mountain Cyclist, to see if the bicyclists would like to join in and help during the clean-up. Ald. Gregory volunteered to handle the clean-up with Ald. Barnes’ assistance.
    2. Scrap metal in the bull pen to be taken to TRG.

2.  Streets

    1. b. Ald. Gregory reported she will work on the TAP program, through the Arkansas Highway Department, in the next few months to be prepared for their next round of monies in 2016. TAP monies can be used for sidewalks.
    2. Ald. Gregory reported a letter was sent to Arkansas State Aid Street Committee on March 26. The request for assistance was to resurface .2 mile on W. Rose Street @ Highway 62 to the entrance of E. Rose Street.
    3. Mayor Sullivan reported the truck has been undercoated and liner bed. Cost - $890.
    4. Truck to be taken either to Hoss Mobile RV Repair or the RV business on Highway 62 to get an estimate on a trailer hitch.
    5. Vibrator on hopper still to be looked at.
    6. Compressor motor is burned up. Larry and Dave to get estimates.
    7. The Bad Boy mower (2 years old) has had to have several repairs since last fall costing approximately $1,000. Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the Town purchase an industrial/commercial grade mower, with a cap of $12,000.00. All approved. Motion carried. All approved. Motion carried. Mayor Sullivan to gather information.
    8. Mayor Sullivan reported he thinks we are behind on the street right of ways, specifically Smith Ridge Turn-Off. Larry and Dave either need to put more hours in or we need more temporary/part-time help. Bruce Bowen to help when Larry is unavailable or when needed. It was agreed to leave as is and if the guys need more help, they bring it before the Council.

3.  Town image

    1. a. Ald. Barnes reported on her ideas for improving the Town’s image. Ideas included working with Adam Kinney, Avoca Fire Department; yard beautification contest; flying the American flag; Town appreciation day; health fair, newsletters, etc.
    2. b. Ald. Pinkley said having a marquee at the Steam Whistle Depot would be beneficial to the Town.
    3. c. Ald. Barnes has been added as an editor to the Town’s Facebook page.

4.   Park

    1. Bowen to check with Derek Henson to see if he can make a bike rack.
    2. Ald. Hansen reported the park committee met this evening, April 14. Ald. Barnes brought new chairman, Ald. Hansen, up to date along with new committee member Christine Pinkley.
    3. Bowen reported she has received information from Swepco concerning their rules and regulations on hanging flags on the power poles. We need to identify which poles on Hwy 62 and Rose Street we would like to hang flags on.
    4. Doing a rail fence instead of a chain link was discussed for Steam Whistle Depot. Bowen to contact Mr. Sparks, A & M Railroad, concerning rules and regulations.

5.  Personnel

    Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the Administration Assistant position can accumulate up to a maximum of 24 hours comp time to be used before the end of the calendar year or lose the time. All approved. Motion carried.


Business Permits

    1. Bowen reported Beaver Storage has renewed their business license. As of April 7th we have 3 businesses that have not renewed their licenses.
    2. New business license issued to Kiros Company at 487 Highway 62. License is for making and selling wood furniture.
    3. Wolfes Waypoint Marine, 717 S. Highway 62, has been issued business license.
    4. Bowen reported on the meeting she attended with NWA Council concerning ‘Wayfinding Signs’. They are trying to get another grant for the smaller towns; average cost per sign and installation is $5,000; park committee talked about looking into getting 2 gateway signs and 2 vehicular directional signs; signs cannot be used for identifying businesses; signs are all the same –colors are unique to each city/town . Bowen to get back with the NWA Council with what we may be interested in and also what colors are available or taken.

Building permits

    1. none issued

Unfinished Business:

    1. Electricity to the shop; new lighting and receptacles and lighting for the bullpen is completed.
    2. A letter was sent to Brian Mencl outlining our March council meeting. It was agreed progress has been made.

New Business:

    1. Major Holloway will attend May council meeting concerning Benton County dog ordinances and working up an agreement with the County.
    2. Ald. Barnes brought up whether the town needs to look into tornado sirens. After discussion it was agreed to leave as is.
    3. Ald. King pulled job description off agenda.
    4. Mayor Sullivan reported the property at 895 Rader Road has been cleaned up. 5. Bowen will be on vacation May 4 – 7.
    5. Bowen will be on vacation May 4 – 7.
    6. Bowen reported she would like to be gone in September for 2 ½ weeks. She has a person in mind that could be trained to keep the office open during regular hours. One of the aldermen could take notes along with the recorder during the council meeting; pay for training and work hours to be determined; Mayor Sullivan and Bowen to meet with perspective temporary help.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Hansen moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:15 PM. All approved. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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