Town Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2015 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Nanette Barnes, Kathy Hansen, Jay King, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory
Guests: Lt. Allsup, Jim Mills
Absent: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Zoning Official Larry Parrish

Acting Mayor Bowen called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 PM and declared a quorum was present.

Pledge of Allegiance.
Moment of Silence.

Bowen introduced Lt. Allsup, Benton County Sheriff Department, to the Council. He will be working with the Council towards getting an agreement between the Town of Avoca and Benton County for animal control services. It was explained the Town would have to pass their ordinances and through the agreement the County could enforce our ordinance(s). The cost will run approximately $95 per occurrence. The issue the Town had previously was 3 pit bulls that ran through Town and caused havoc, killing a pig, rabbits, etc. Two ordinances the County recommended were 0-97-42, an ordinance establishing dog control measures (dogs at large) and County ordinance 0-2012-14, an ordinance to address vicious dog issues. Bowen to forward the County ordinances to our attorney for review and writing of Avoca ordinances.

Bowen introduced Jim Mills to the Council.  Mr. Mills has been volunteering his time to maintain the Avoca Cemetery, right out of Avoca’s town limits, for the Benton County Historical Cemetery Association.  He was having an issue with control of leaves and Bowen had told him the Town has two (2) licensed businesses in Avoca that do tree work and she would try and see if they could help with cutting down a few trees.

Absence of Mayor was added to agenda under new business.

Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the minutes of October 13 be approved as presented.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Hansen, moved the October 2015 financial report be approved as presented.  All approved.  Motion carried.
Bowen reported on what she had found out concerning ‘investment of public funds’.

Avoca Fire & Rescue

Ald. Barnes asked if Bowen could contact Butch, with the fire department, via email to let him know when the Council meets.


No report



    1. Ald. King reported Mr. Jeff Hawkins, NWA Regional Planning Commission, will be attending the September 24 planning commission meeting. Mr. Hawkins will be assisting Avoca in our master street plan, consisting of sidewalks, biking trails, etc.
    2. We have hired Mitch Iles to perform building inspections consisting of rough-ins, slabs, electrical, HVAC, etc. He previously worked for the City of Rogers and is currently doing inspections for Little Flock. We are currently working with Francisco Reyes who is building a new home at 699 Sheppard Road.


    1. no report

Committee Reports:

    1. Bowen reported 8.26 ton bulk, approximately 72 tires and 560 pounds of metal were collected during the fall clean-up.
    2. It was agreed our clean-up is not going to work as it has in the past, because Waste Management does not have drivers on Saturdays to pick the containers up; it is not only Avoca residents that are abusing the containers; possibility of having a bulk curb side clean-up was discussed; having container only one day from 7 am – 7 pm or a 24 hour period for Avoca residents only were all discussed. Bowen to contact Waste Management to see what can be done with our contract.
    3. Bowen reported on ‘litter pick up ahead’ signs for BC 74, Rader and Prairie Creek Roads. Bowen to have Dave check on the number of cones and men working signs we currently have.
    1. Ald. Gregory – TAP program – New information will come out in January for grants, etc.
    2. Striping streets – on hold until after State Aid work is completed in 2016.
    3. Ald. Gregory met with Paul Pace, APAC, on October 18. They drove the streets and Mr. Pace complimented the Town on the condition of our streets and noted there are a few issues on BC 74 where the sides are crumbling and also two places on Rader Road. He thought our crew could do some concrete work to keep the problems from getting worse.

      Mr. Pace took a list of our streets measured in tenths of miles and gave us the linear feet (LF) of each street. For budgeting purposes, he also gave us an estimate of $59,000 to do 2500 lf of an overlay with 2” asphalt on a 20’ wide street.

    4. Bowen reported she had contacted Frankie Guyll concerning the cross walk. Mr. Guyll said the State will require the Town to install handicap ramps and sidewalks on all 4 corners. We also discussed the electronic wheel chairs that are currently used around Avoca. Once the Town installs a crosswalk we immediate accept liability. Mr. Guyll gave the Town contact information to get a quote on the handicap ramps, pedestrian buttons, etc.; he was not sure of the cost but knows they are really, really expensive. Council agreed not to pursue the crosswalk.

      In conversation, Mr. Guyll said there is something he would like the Town to do, and that is to install a light with arrows for left turns. Council asked Bowen to contact the State concerning getting a light with left turn arrows.

    5. Bowen presented the costs on ‘Slow – Share the Road’ street signs. Sharing is with horses, bikes and people. Cost is 2 for $109.00. (24” X 24” or 18” X 18”) Tabled until December. Ald. Barnes to let Katie Elliott know the signs have been discussed, since she had asked about them.
    6. Bowen reported the rocks are not being wet down to keep the dust down at the APAC quarry.

      The trucks coming out of the quarry wet are either Benton County trucks or trucks hauling for Benton County. Benton County has requested the wet rock. After talking with Benton County Road Department, Avoca quarry and APAC contact in Fayetteville it was decided any more complaints the Town received would be directed to Benton County Road Department.

3.  Town Image

    1. Ald. Barnes reported she is still working on the welcome wagon and is going to try and meet to Hoss Cameron in the near future about getting Avoca businesses together.
    2. Ald. Barnes reported Mercy said they would do the flu-shots again next year.
    3. Ald. Barnes said a nice electronic sign is needed and needs to be looked into. This could be used to notify the residents of picnics, clean ups, shots, etc. Ald. Hansen presented a drawing she had drawn up, with a similar wave as the bigger cities in NWA. She would like one on each end of Avoca on Hwy 62 at the town limit signs. Some on the council preferred to just do a nice sign on the Town’s property on Hwy 62. Bowen to contact the highway department to see what their rules and regulations are concerning signs and also pull information from previous LED signage information.

4.   Park

    1. NW Fence has completed the fencing at the Steam Whistle Depot and it looks very good. There is another low spot that needs filled in.
    2. Ald. Pinkley to look at our options of using the new fencing for flag display on Hwy. 62 and Rose Street.
    3. Bowen reported the surveillance camera was put up in the pavilion in Park West and she had contacted Constable Jim Hollenbeck to make him aware of the recent vandalism.
    4. Ald. Hansen is going to order trees for the park based on Beaver Water Shed Alliance’s suggestions. Soil test(s) have come back along with fertilization recommendations on what is needed.
    5. The memorial for the Soldier’s Poem is complete and looks very nice. The VFW will dedicate the memorial on November 11th at 5 PM.
    6. Bowen had the porta potty pulled on November 1st. Council agreed to keep it up year round. Bowen to have it re-set.
    7. Ald. Hansen asked about the shape of the pavilion that had been previously discussed and whether it would accommodate a ‘Pickin’ in the Park’ at the Steam Whistle Depot. Park budget in 2015 was $60,000.
    8. Bowen would like to see a location designated for parking spots for ‘Park and Ride’ at the Steam Whistle Depot. Town can get SB2 from APAC and we need to take advantage of it before the end of the year. 10 – 12 spaces need to be designated. Bowen, Ald. King to look into.

5.  Personnel

    1. Council agreed Larry Parrish does not need to attend council meetings, unless he has a particular issue he needs to discuss. He is to turn in his zoning report to Bowen prior to the council meetings. Importance of documentation discussed.


Business Permits

    1. A business permit was issued to David Hernandez for Hernandez Body Shop at 483 Highway 62.

Building permits

    1. A building permit was issued to Francisco Reyes at 699 Sheppard Road. Home will have 2425 heated square footage.

Unfinished Business:

    1. Bowen reported letter has been sent to Bank of America concerning the unsightly and unsanitary conditions of the property at 309 Sheppard Road; Smith property on Rose has been cleaned up and mowed; Magana property on Hwy. 62 has been mowed and cleaned up some.
    2. Bowen reported she had contacted Attorney Slinkard concerning the language of Ordinance No. 80, unsightly and unsanitary conditions, as far as mailing letters both first class mail and certified. They can be mailed at different times and even though they do not sign for the certified letter, we did do what we had to.

New Business:

    1. Ald. Pinkley was given a spread sheet with the list of all cities in Arkansas that have a police department with a population of 1000 or less. Ald. Pinkley to put a list of questions together that Avoca would like to ask those cities about their police department.
    2. Bowen identified the parcels of property from Good Wood to Wheelers on the west side of Highway 62, for Ald. Hansen and Ald. Gregory.
    3. Bowen ordered and received the manuals from the International Code Council (ICC) for building and electrical inspections. Bowen to contact Latham Cabinet about making a book shelf for the Mayor’s office. Bowen also to look into an ordinance that is needed to do the inspections.
    4. Council agreed to hold a special meeting December 9 at 6:30 to review and pass budget for 2016.
    5. Bowen reported she had contacted an Arkansas Municipal League attorney concerning how long we can go without our Mayor. According to David Schoen “There is no limit imposed by law. So it’s more of a practical question.”

      To be discussed further.

Ald. King, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:50 PM. All approved.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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