Town Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2015 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Nanette Barnes, Kathy Hansen, Jay King, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory
Guests: Kara Funk, Rob Taylor, Jim Mills
Absent: Mayor Jordan Sullivan

Acting Mayor Bowen called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Moment of Silence.

Ald. Gregory, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the minutes of November 10 be approved as presented. All approved. Motion carried.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. King, moved the November 2015 financial report be approved as presented. All approved. Motion carried. Bowen reported the last column (budget balance) was not updated on the current report.


Kara Funk and Rob Taylor, with NEBCO EMS, were present to update the Council on EMS business. Benton County Quorum Court has allocated NEBCO EMS $95,000 for 2016. The county wide millage raised $22,000 in our service area. The county’s support has and will help NEBCO operate five years ahead of schedule. In 2014 a new ambulance was purchased and in 2015 equipment was purchased with the County’s support.

The ambulance service has been in service for 5 years this past July. Goal is to keep the second ambulance in service as much as possible. They have had 548 calls and 238 were to the Avoca area. Staff consists of 2 full time paramedics, 2 full time EMTs, which are in the office during the week, 18 part time paramedics and 6 part time EMTs.

Monies NEBCO EMS receives from the Town of Avoca will go towards training. Due to the run volume, it is not necessary at this time for an ambulance to be located in Avoca. 650 calls per year may be the magic number. There has to be a great need for it.

Avoca Fire & Rescue

Bowen reported she received a 2016 budget from Avoca Fire & Rescue. After reviewing, Council would like to see 2015 end of year figures.



    1. Ald. King reported the planning commission met November 24 and the next meeting is Tuesday, January 26. The mapper for the regional planning commission has been out, due to an accident, but when he gets back to work they will start on the master street plan.
    2. The NWARPC is now working with towns with less than 1000 population on bicycle/pedestrian plans. Ald. King and Cristine Pinkley will meet with Elizabeth Bowen December 21 concerning what needs done to start the plans and Elizabeth Bowen will be attending the January planning commission meeting.


    1. no report

Committee Reports:

    1. Bowen reported she has ordered orange cones and we have men working signs, which can be used on our next clean-up.
    2. Bowen reported she has reached out to the person she worked with during the last clean-up to see what we can do differently, have not heard back from her, but will follow up.
    3. Bowen to get Ald. Hansen and Ald. Barnes a copy of flyer from Benton County Environmental Office.
    1. Ald. Gregory reported the State Highway Department’s TAP program information will come out in January for grants, etc.
    2. Striping streets – on hold until after State Aid work is completed in 2016.
    3. Ald. Gregory to meet with Dave Olson and drive BC 74 and Rader Road to show Dave Olson exactly where Paul Pace, APAC, noted there are a few issues. Some concrete work may keep the problems from getting worse.
    4. Bowen to order 2 ‘Slow – Share the Road’ signs to be placed on Prairie Creek Road. Ald. Barnes to see if Katie Elliott has a specific place she would like the signs.
    5. Bowen reported we have to have a letter from the Mayor requesting a study for left turn signals on Highway 62. Council agreed to send the letter.
    6. Bowen reported she tried to get in touch with Vision Cabling Services today to get an update on the Cox cable installation on BC 74. Ald. Hansen has some current pictures showing where some of the asphalt has been broke off and some of the concrete in the ditch line has been dug out, from the “Y” to her driveway. Between Hansen’s driveway and APAC there is also concrete that has been busted out. Bowen said Vision Cabling originally said they would come back and re-concrete the necessary areas, and that is why she wants to talk to them to see if they are done or if they think they are done.

3.  Town Image

    1. Ald. Barnes reported the Christmas Parade was a success and lots of pictures have been posted on the Facebook page; still working on ‘welcome wagon’
    2. Bowen had pulled paperwork from 2009, when signage was discussed by the Council. The sign was 25’ tall /20’ wide; a fixed halo-illuminated ‘Town of Avoca Welcomes You’ along with illuminated stage coaches; illumination provided by high output fluorescent lamps; Daktronics message center; cost – $85,000. Bowen to contact the Highway Department for their rules and regulations; we need to pick a location; decide what we really want. Ald. Hansen to set a date for a park committee meeting.

4.   Park

    1. Ald. Hansen ordering trees for the park, based on Beaver Water Shed Alliance’s suggestions.
    2. Dirt to be placed around the bike rack or see if we can cut the extra mat from the disk golf course and use it.
    3. Placing flags on the new fencing around Steam Whistle Depot was discussed. Lighting would be needed or flags would have to be taken down each evening; need to check to see if there is a street light in the lot.

5.  Personnel

    1. Council agreed Larry Parrish does not need to attend council meetings, unless he has a particular issue he needs to discuss. He is to turn in his zoning report to Bowen prior to the council meetings. Importance of documentation discussed.


Business Permits

    1. Bowen reported business permit renewals will be mailed out in December.

Building permits

    1. None issued

Unfinished Business:

    1. Bowen reported she has not heard back from Bank of America concerning the unsightly and unsanitary conditions of the property at 309 Sheppard Road.
    2. Bowen introduced an ordinance written by deputy attorney at Slinkard Law Firm. Ald. Barnes moved we place the Ordinance, an ordinance establishing dog control measures in the Town of Avoca, on its first reading. Ald. King seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried.

      The Ordinance was read in its entirety.

      Discussion – Section 4: vicious dogs being able to be kept behind locked doors; can the Town lawfully tell someone they cannot have a certain breed; to make sure our attorney knows Benton County will be doing the animal control; Ald. Hansen would like to see the public notified; will the ordinance allow residents to call animal control or just the Town. Council to review the ordinance and come back with questions or suggestions in January. Bowen said she just got the ordinance from our attorney and sent to Lt. Allsup for his review.

New Business:

    1. Ald. Pinkley reported he is still working on putting together a list of questions that Avoca would like to ask other cities about their police department.
    2. Annexation – Ald. Hansen reported she is putting together an outline of bullet items concerning annexing into Avoca; her and Ald. Gregory may be able to meet over Christmas break to work on looking at the property from Good Wood to
    3. Wheelers on the west side of Highway 62.
    4. Bowen still to look into getting an ordinance that is needed to do the building inspections.
    5. Council agreed to move special meeting from December 9 to December 16th at 6:30 to review and pass budget for 2016; Council agreed to add ‘discussion on mayor’ to special meeting agenda to be held December 16.
    6. Resolution 04-15, a resolution appointing an attorney for the Town of Avoca for 2016, was read. Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved to approve the resolution as read. All approved. Motion carried.
    7. Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. King, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:25 PM. All approved. Motion carried.

Ald. King, seconded by Ald. Pinkley, moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:50 PM. All approved.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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