Minutes of Special Meeting

January 12, 2016 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Nanette Barnes, Kathy Hansen, Jay King, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory
Absent: Mayor Jordan Sullivan
Guest: Jason Evans, Boston Mt. Cyclists

Ald. Hansen asked that truck parking on town property be added to new business # 9; Action Mayor Bowen added Resolution 01-16 (#10); Resolution 02-16(#11); Committees (#12)under new business; under streets culverts and erosion control.

Jason Evans, Boston Mt. Cyclists, was in attendance to ask for the Council’s permission to use our streets for their four road races to be held March 16, April 6, May 4 and May 25. These are Wednesdays and run about every three weeks from 6 P.M. until dark. They have contacted the Avoca Fire Department for their assistance along with the Benton County Sherriff Department. Council granted their permission.

Race for the Spike will be held later in the year; Cyclist will try and help with the May 14 clean-up; Peddler’s Pub may come out to an event, weather permitting, with a food truck.

Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the minutes of December 8 regular meeting be approved as presented. All approved. Motion carried.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the minutes of special meeting held December 16 be approved as presented. All approved. Motion carried.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved the December 2015 financial report be approved as presented. All approved. Motion carried.

Revised copy of November report, showing the last column (budget balance) updated, was presented to Council.

2016 approved budget was reviewed.


No Report

Avoca Fire & Rescue

No Report



    1. Ald. King reported he and planning commission member Christine Pinkley met with Elizabeth Bowen, NWA Regional Planning Commission (NWARPC), on December 21. The Regional Planning Commission is working with towns with less than 1000 population on bicycle/pedestrian plans. Ms. Bowen will also attend Avoca’s January 26 planning commission meeting; the regional planning commission will help us put our plan together; Ald. King to contact Alta Design to see if they will look at our area and give us direction/suggestions/ideas.
    2. Master street plan is still behind schedule, due to injury of mapper for NWARPC.


    1. no report

Committee Reports:

Clean-Up - Spring – Saturday, May 14
    1. Bowen reported she still does not have a new plan for the spring clean-up with Waste Management, concerning bulk containers. 
    1. Ald. Gregory reported the 2016 application for State Highway Department’s TAP program is not on their website yet. 
    2. Striping streets – on hold until after State Aid work is completed in 2016.
    3. Concrete work, suggested by Paul Pace, APAC, on BC 74 and Rader Road has not been done.
    4. ‘Slow – Share the Road’ signs to be installed. .
    5. Bowen reported the letter requesting a study for left turn signals on Highway 62 has been received by the Arkansas State Highway Department. The request has been forwarded to their Maintenance Division.
    6. Bowen reported she and David Olson met with Fernando Trejos on January 4 and looked at the ditch line on BC 74 where Vision Cabling Services installed Cox cable. It was agreed between the three what damages were caused by the installation and what were caused by the recent flooding rains. The cable was buried more on the hillside than in the ditch line, which caused the machine to be sitting on some of the asphalt and breaking it off. Concrete work is scheduled for January 26.
    7. The recent heavy rains have plugged at least 2 culverts on Rader Road and 1 on Prairie Creek Road. Estimate from Tidey Excavation to replace each culvert, labor and rock only, is $640. Bowen to have Tidey Excavation do the work; keep/use the culverts that can be cleaned out; check culvert on BC 74 to see if plugged.
    8. Council asked Bowen to invite Fernando Trejos to the February council meeting to give a presentation on erosion control and ditches.

3.  Town Image

    1. Ald. Barnes is still working on her ‘welcome wagon’ idea; FB page is doing great.
    2. The ideas of having the dates of Avoca’s annual events on a print out for our residents along with a magnet with our Logo were discussed.

4.   Park

    1. Ald. Hansen reported trees for the park, will be shipped when ready to plant.
    2. Mat was cut and placed around the bike rack.
    3. Placing a large flagpole close to the “Welcome to Avoca” sign with flood light on each would be best for the location, on Highway 62.
    4. Bowen reported on the information she received from the Highway Department on their rules and regulations for off premise signs adjacent to Highway 62, but not on their right of way.
    5. Ald. Hansen to put a committee together for Steam Whistle Depot planning.

5.  Personnel

    1. No Report


Business Permits

    1. Bowen reported 35 businesses were sent information on business license/permit renewals.
    2. Matt Ingram, MWI Construction, was issued a business license for cabinet making at 819 Lester Lane.
    3. 2016 renewals to date: John Zito Landscaping; Williams Tree & Lawn Svc. Inc.; Wingate Outdoor Advertising, Inc.; Dollar General; Freedom Fire Pro, LLC; Avoca Tire Shop; Boat Dock World, LLC; Latham Cabinets, Inc.; Don’s Canopies and Metal Products

Building permits

    1. None issued

Unfinished Business:

    1. Bowen reported she has not heard back from Bank of America concerning the unsightly and unsanitary conditions of the property at 309 Sheppard Road. Bowen also reported she had met with the owners of the property at 284 Hwy 62, concerning unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

New Business:

    1. Ordinance concerning ‘dog control’ was discussed again. Bowen has not heard back from Lt. Allsup, but would like for Benton County animal control to review the proposed ordinance. Ordinance to be on February agenda.
    2. Council reviewed the questionnaire to send to other cities about their police department, with population less than 1000, put together by Ald. Pinkley. Bowen to email or mail a letter along with the questionnaire to those departments. Bowen to invite Jim Hollenbeck, constable, to February council meeting.
    3. Annexation – Ald. Hansen and Ald. Gregory had a committee meeting/work session January 19. They started the initial discussion/brainstorming on annexation. They will put together a rough draft of a flyer/brochure.
    4. Agreement with Mitch Iles, building inspector, and a resolution is being prepared.
    5. Bowen reported the Town received a written complaint about the unsightliness of property at 558 Sheppard Road. Bowen to write property owner a letter.
    6. Bowen reported she had contacted Attorney David Schoen, Arkansas Municipal League, concerning whether there would be any legalities by paying Ald. King the Mayor’s budgeted monthly allowance, for his assistance in helping Acting Mayor Bowen with various duties and his availability. Mr. Schoen cited statute 14-42-107 and said the town would need to enact an ordinance specifically permitting Ald. King to be employed with the town. Bowen reported in 1999 Avoca Ordinance No. 71 was passed. The ordinance permits the mayor and town council members to conduct business with the Town of Avoca, under certain circumstances. The Ordinance was emailed to Attorney Schoen, but he has not responded. Bowen to contact Attorney Slinkard.
    7. Bowen notified council financial statements are to be filed with her by January 31.
    8. Ald. Hansen asked about the possibility of her husband’s semi-truck, along with another truck, being parked off the closed portion of Orchard Street, where the disk golf parking is. Parking would be done only when they are home from trips and for a short period each time. After discussion, Council did not think it would be a good fit for the town park.
    9. Resolution 01-16, a resolution setting forth the meeting rules of the Town Council for the Town of Avoca, was read. Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved to approve Resolution 01-16 as read. All approved. Motion carried.
    10. Resolution 02-16, a resolution adopting a general pay scale schedule, was read. Ald. Gregory, seconded by Ald. King, moved Resolution 02-16 be approved as read. All approved. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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