Minutes of Regular Meeting

April 12, 2016 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen
ALD: Nanette Barnes, Kathy Hansen, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory
Absent: Ald. Jay King
Guests: Glenn Jones, Benton County Historical Preservation Commission, Chuck Adkins, Jr. and other members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)

Mayor Sullivan called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Mayor Sullivan introduced the guests and read a proclamation recognizing the Purple Heart service award; the former and current combat-wounded veterans residing in Avoca; the appreciation of the sacrifices our Purple Heart recipients have made; the support of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and proclaiming that the Town of Avoca is a “Purple Heart City”.

Ald. Hansen moved the Proclamation be approved.  Ald. Barnes seconded the motion. 

All approved.  Motion carried.

Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence

Agenda - Bowen asked that Rader Road ditches be added under Streets and Pea Ridge Military Park be added under New Business

Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the minutes of March 8 regular meeting be approved as presented.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. Hansen, moved the March 2016 financial report be approved as presented.  All approved.  Motion carried.

Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Barnes, moved Mayor Sullivan be added back to the signature cards for the town’s 4 accounts.  Accounts will have Sullivan, Bowen, King and DuVall on signature cards. All approved.  Motion carried.


no report

Avoca Fire & Rescue

no report



    1. Bowen reported a representative from Alta Design will meet with Ald. King, Mayor Sullivan and Bowen on Wednesday, April 20 at town hall.  

    2. Master Street plan - no progress


    1. no report

Committee Reports:

Clean-Up - Spring – Saturday, May 14
    1. Bowen reported everything has been set up for the clean-up and she will get all contact information to Ald. Gregory prior to the event.
    1. Ald. Gregory reported she and Bowen met with Ken Shaner to discuss the sidewalk project and he is doing a preliminary layout for the project. The deadline for the application for State Highway Department’s TAP program is June 1.  Bowen reported she has contacted A&M Railroad concerning the railroad crossing and they now have an engineer. Bowen to set up a meeting with the engineer, concerning the crossing.  Mayor Sullivan signed the agreement with Ken Shaner to do the sidewalk plan, within the Town.          
    2. Bowen reported the Arkansas State Aid City Street Committee site is showing Avoca’s Rose Street overlay was approved for construction funding on January 27 for $50,000. 
    3. Mayor Sullivan reported both Rader Road and Woods Lodge Road would need engineering to correct; both the engineering and correction made to the roads will be very expensive; and there is a lengthy ‘process’ of selecting/hiring an engineer.  Mayor Sullivan said he would need help from a couple volunteers from the Council to form a committee to work through the process.  Hiring an engineering firm, that gets paid when used, was discussed.  Mayor said “do we need an engineer? – yes; do we need one today? – no”  Ald. Gregory asked if we could contact the U of A for an engineering student and/or put a bid out for engineering firms that are familiar with the problems we have.  Bowen to send the process to the Council.  Council to review and subject will be placed on the May agenda.   

    4. Mayor Sullivan reported he believes Rader and Woods Lodge Roads can be fixed with red dirt, packed down and covered with b stone or shot rock, but this will be an ongoing problem. Erosion control was discussed.  Mayor Sullivan reported on April 11 he asked both Alvin Brewer and Jack Tidey to look at approximately 800 feet of ditch line on Rader Road and submit a bid on red dirt packed and covered with b stone or shot rock.  To date he has not heard back from them. Mayor to get bids and return with information in May.

3.  Town Image

    1. Ald. Barnes reported Aunt B’s Curbside Grill is doing a soft opening and hope to have a grand opening in May. Highly recommended.

    2. Facebook page has been changed to just ‘Avoca Arkansas’.

    3. Ald. Barnes reported she has ordered the inflatable for the community picnic.

    4. Easter Egg Hunt was successful.

    5. Ald. Hansen moved the organizer of any major public event/function held on town property and/or want town’s participation/involvement in events must come before the Council for approval.  No second.  Motion failed.
      Item to be placed on May agenda for further discussion. 

4.   Park

    1. Ald. Hansen reported she distributed the trees (bare roots) for the guys to plant and she needs to take pictures.  Mayor Sullivan thinks the trees are too small and need to get established before they are mulched. The soil samples show the grounds need fertilized, mainly in the soccer field.

    2. Ken Shaner submitted a proposal for architectural services for the Steam Whistle Depot in the amount of $110 per hour plus expenses such as printing.  Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory, moved the proposal be accepted.  All approved.  Motion carried.   

    3. Light on flag has been installed.

5. Personnel

    1. Bowen reported on dates she will be out of town. 

6. Annexation

    1. Ald. Hansen shared a combination of comments/thoughts from various council members and residents to put together a fact sheet of ‘why’ people want to be annexed into Avoca. Council reviewed.  Ald. Gregory said she and Ald. Hansen want to meet face to face and invite those that would like to annex voluntarily. 


Business Permits

    1. Benny Ray issued a business permit for Aunt B’s Curbside Grill LLC at 487 S. Highway 62.
    2. Bennie Ray issued business permit for Wormy’s Hideout LLC, event rentals, at 489 S. Highway 62.

Building permits

    1. Jerry McIver, 229 Russell Road, making 40 X 16 structure livable.  

    2. Benny Ray, 487 S. Highway 62, for façade and 2 decks – completed

    3. Freedom Fire Pro, 811 Lester Lane, 30 X 40 metal storage building - completed

Unfinished Business:

    1. Bowen reported the Mencl/Bank of America property will be cleaned by Phillips Trash Service the week of April 11 for $1400.
      Brian Mencl has been sent a copy of the letters sent to Bank of America and is to be called to let them know when Phillips Trash will be there to clean up the property.        

    2. Bowen reported Avoca Tire Shop has gotten  rid of a lot of tires on their property; put a lot in doors; advertising tires have holes in them for drainage; but still have more tires to get rid of.    

New Business:

    1. Agreement between Benton County and Avoca for dog control was tabled due to possible resignation of Sheriff Cradduck.

    2. Mayor Sullivan and Bowen to attend NWA Economic Development Boot Camp on May 5.

    3. Bowen reported we received a letter from the Pea Ridge Military Park stating they want to put a trail system within the Park and also want to connect their trail to the NWA Greenway.  They want public input by May 10 and they are having a workshop May 17 at NEBCO.  Bowen to send copy of letter to Council.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen



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