Minutes of Regular Meeting

November 2, 2016 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Diane Bowen

Nanette Barnes, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory, Jay King, Kathy Hansen

Mayor Sullivan called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence

Special meeting’s agenda consists of potential hiring of Office Administrator and pay.

Minutes of October 11, 2016 regular meeting were approved on a motion by Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory. All approved. Motion carried.

Minutes of October 18, 2016's special meeting were approved on a motion by Ald. Hansen, seconded by Ald. Gregory. All approved. Motion carried.

Bowen recommended a special meeting be held in December to go over 2017 budget. Special meeting was tentatively set for December 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm. Kathy Hansen to let Bowen know if this date works for her.

Training to begin as soon as possible.


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Avoca Fire & Rescue

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    1. Ald. King reported the planning commission's next scheduled meeting is November 15th. The commission has made revisions to the bike/pedestrian plan; and it has been submitted to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning commission (NWARPC).
    2. Ald. King reported the commission is waiting to present the Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction to the council for their approval, due to plans of Avoca hiring an engineering firm. Sample plans, of master street plan(s), from Jeff Hawkins to be put before the Planning Commission for review. Once one is agreed upon, it will be brought before the council for approval. Ald. Hansen to see if she can get a copy of Bethel Heights Master Street Plan and have it emailed to Bowen. Currently Avoca is using Benton County Functional Classification Plan.
    3. Ald. King reports they are suggesting two changes to the zoning code.
      1. Revising the wording on mobile/manufactured homes. Suggestions and samples were received from Jeff Hawkins, NWARPC.
      2. Animal Codes. Complaints have been made concerning goats and livestock on Rose Street. Codes may be revised to add livestock. Ald. Hansen asked about agricultural act. Bowen asked if we can send a letter for unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Mayor Sullivan will go look at the property.
    4. Ald. King asked that Ald. Barnes be paid for any planning commission meetings she attends while in training. Nanette Barnes will be paid for attending planning meetings, if hired and accepts the position. She will serve as staff to the planning commission.


    1. Job description for code enforcement - Jay will call Pea Ridge to see what their description is.
    2. Mayor Sullivan looked at Dallas Ziegler's property at 261 N. Highway 62 and stated there is a big improvement but needs more.
    3. Mayor Sullivan stated the McFann property at 502 Sheppard Road needs to be sent a letter concerning the unsightly and unsanitary conditions on their property.

Committee Reports:

    1. Fall clean-up was a success. Bowen reported she has not heard from Waste Management on how many tons they collected. Mayor Sullivan will call corporate for these totals.
    2. State Aid work should be done in spring 2017.
    3. Alderman Gregory and Mayor Sullivan met with Mr. Pace and looked at our roads. Mr. Pace was impressed with most areas but did have some concerns on Rader Road and mentioned some areas of cracking in the roads. Mayor Sullivan spoke with Grady Gann about fixing the cracks. He quoted approximately 9000 running feet at 62 cents a foot. Ald. Pinkley recommends sealing the cracks before winter weather hits. Ald. Hansen asked about sealing the roads. No official bid was given. Mayor Sullivan will ask Mr. Gann about fee to seal the roads in the future. It was agreed on by the council to fix the cracks this year and look into sealing all the roads in the future. A motion was made by Ald. Pinkley and seconded by Ald. Hansen to spend up to $18, 000 on sealing the cracked roads. All approved. Motion carried.
    4. Ald. Hansen asked about striping BC 74 (Woods Lodge Road) and Rader Road. Bowen mentioned when the State Aid project is done in the spring of 2017, part of it will be striping a portion of BC 74. Mayor stated the Town can get Time Striping to finish what the state aid doesn't cover.
    5. The Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction is still on hold.
    6. Mayor Sullivan reported Eagle Body finished the sideboards on the truck for the leaf vac, but we still need a tarp. Mayor Sullivan talked to Don's Canopy and they are to get back to us about the tarp and bows.
    1. Mayor Sullivan attended a mandatory meeting in Little Rock concerning our Avoca Heritage Trail project, as a result of our Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant. He will start on thc papcrwork to get this project started.

3.  Town Image

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4.   Park

    1. Ald. Hansen reported she has not met with Ken Shaner, concerning Steam Whistle Depot plans.
    2. Ald. Hansen stated the 51st birthday party for Avoca is on agenda for a reminder and nothing has to be done at this time.
    3. Veteran's Memorial restoration is to be done in summer 2017.
    4. Ben Ball has started cleaning and sealing the Veteran's Memorial.
    5. Ald. Hansen asked Bowen to let her know when we ordered the blue rubber mulch, where we bought it and the cost. Bowen to get information to Ald. Hansen.

5. Personnel

      The Arkansas Municipal League was contacted concerning filling the office administrator position. They recommended we place an ad in the paper for the position, even though it is not a law. The ad ran in the newspaper 3 days and the town received 4 resumes. Mayor Sullivan looked over the applications and suggested Ald. Nanette Barnes be hired due to her living in Avoca. When Bowen resigns in January 2017, Mayor Sullivan will appoint Ald. Nanette Barnes as Recorder -Treasurer.

6. Annexation

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Business Permits

    1. Business permits 1. Peyton Ahart - Ahart Automotive LLC, 843 Highway 62

Building permits

    1. Peyton Aharts was issued a building permit at Ahart Automotive LLC. He moved in a portable, metal building for his office.
    2. Bowen reported Beaver Storage (Fred Bartell) paid balance due on his building permit and was issued a permit.
    3. Tommy O'Dell was issued a building permit for a pole barn on the condition Mr. Iles can see the plans and brochure for the kit.
    4. Ald. Pinkley looked into Benton County's building inspections to see what they have as far as building on agriculture property. He reported if a building is permitted for an agricultural shed, it can only have agricultural items stored in it or you will be fined $200.00 daily and your name will go to the prosecuting attorney. The fine would be dated from the day you sign up for the permit.

Unfinished Business:

    1. Bank of America was sent a letter to inform them what they owed the town for mowing the property at 309 Sheppard Road.
    2. Ingram property was cleaned up some. Mr. Ingram was informed by the Avoca Fire Department they can't burn the building since it can't be used in training. If Mr. Ingram doesn't clean it up in a timely manner, it will be put before the council whether to condemn the building.

New Business:

    1. Prior to our council meeting interviews were done with 2 short listed engineering firms (Olsson Associates and McClelland Consulting Engineers, INC). After full discussion Ald. Hansen moved to contract with Olsson & Associates for a study on erosion control and storm water drainage Rader Road. Ald. King seconded the motion. All approved. Motion carried. Mayor Sullivan will notify both firms of council' s decision. 2. Christmas parade will be Saturday, December 3rd. 3. It was reported The Avoca One Stop did the 'Trunk or Treat' this year at the park. Their Facebook page showed the town hall parking lot would be closed and no cars would be allowed into the parking lot. Mayor Sullivan to inform the Avoca One Stop they will need Council approval for any public events and they cannot close down the town's parking lot, 4. Mayor Sullivan reported the loud noises coming from Russell Road are still an issue. Mayor Sullivan recommends the issue be tabled and look into it in a few months, unless we receive more complaints. 5. Ordinance # 105, an ordinance authorizing Ald. Nanette Barnes to serve as alderman and to be hired for the position of office administrator for the Town of Avoca; repealing ordinances in conflict; declaring an emergency; and for other purposes, was introduced.

Ald. Pinkley, seconded by Ald. King, moved to place Ordinance 105 on its 1 st reading.

Roll Call: Ayes: ALD: Pinkley, Hansen, Gregory, King Abstain: Ald. Barnes Motion carried.

Ordnance 105 was read in full by Bowen. Motion to accept the 1 st reading of Ordinance 105 was made by Ald. Pinkley and seconded by Ald. King.

Roll Call: Ayes: ALD: Pinkley, Hansen, Gregory, King Abstain: Ald. Barnes Motion carried.

A motion was made by Ald. Gregory and seconded by Ald. Pinkley to place Ordinance 105 on its 2nd reading by title only.

Roll Call; Ayes: ALD: Pinkley, Hansen, Gregory, King Abstain: Ald. Barnes.

Motion carried.

Bowen read Ordnance 105 by title only. Motion to accept the 2nd reading of Ordinance 105 was made by Ald. Pinkley and seconded by Ald. King.

Roll Call: Ayes: ALD: Pinkley, Hansen, Gregory, King Abstain: Ald. Barnes Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bowen


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