Minutes of Regular Meeting

March 14, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Nanette Barnes
ALD: Harry Simons, Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory, Kathy Hansen, Jay King
Staff: Larry Parrish — Zoning Official
Guests: Dave Olson

Mayor Sullivan declared a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence

Changes to agenda


The minutes of council meeting February 14, 2017 were approved as presented.

The financial report-February 2017 were approved as presented


1. No report

Avoca Fire & Rescue

1. No report



    1. Planning commission Ald. King

      1. Bike/Ped plan — Acceptance of action plan - waiting on Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission: Elizabeth Bowen — targeted public hearing April 18, 2017
      2. b. Master Street plan — Acceptance of master street plan - waiting on Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission — targeted public hearing April 18, 2017
      3. Changes to zoning code — Acceptance to changes to modular homes — targeted public hearing April 18, 2017
    2. Zoning and code enforcement
      1. a. Animals — Committee: 2nd meeting not set. Ald. Pinkley to write up Ordinance.

Committee Reports:

    1. Saturday May 13, 2017
Streets - Aid. Gregory
    1. a. Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant update — Avoca Heritage Trail. Ald. Gregory informed council there was no new information of updates at this time.
    2. State Aid — Spring 2017 — Mayor Sullivan informed council he has received paperwork from the state of Arkansas, they have not set an actual date to start paving Rose Street to Pearl Street, but it will be sometime this year. Paperwork has been sent in to get this work started.
    3. Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction — on hold. Mayor Sullivan informed council he has received paperwork from the engineers stating the study for Woods Lodge Road and Rader Road, will be ready to be brought before council at the April 1 Ith council meeting. Mayor Sullivan states if it falls within his $2000.00 spending limit, he will go ahead with the project. Ald. Hansen, wants the engineers to know we are a small town with a small budget. Mayor Sullivan informed the council he placed surge rock along a few areas on Woods Lodge and Rader Road to help with the drainage until a more permanent solution can be done.

3.  3. Town image — Rec/Tres. Barnes

    1. Avoca— 51 st birthday— March 2017: Flyers and postcards will be sent out to invite residents to the party. Rec/Treasurer Barnes will order the cake, and purchase items for the party. Ald. Gregory and Rec/Treasurer Barnes will get together to get a timeline for the town and other items of town history to display.
    2. Logo on Equipment; Aid. Hansen, would like to see the town logo on the side of e town equipment.

4.   Park - Ald. Hansen

    1. Steam Whistle Depot — Ald. Hansen received estimates on playground equipment. She received a quote from RJR for a one-piece multiage playground with curb and mulch was thirty-two thousand dollars ($32,000) and a 2-base swing set with curb and mulch was seventeen thousand dollars ($17,000). Ald. 1--lansen will check on the price for benches and trash cans. Ald. Hansen will look into grants.
    2. Monument restoration — Summer 2017 — no update
    3. Rubber mulch - Ald. Hansen got a quote for five hundred and fifty dollars ($550.00) per bale. The multiage playground will need ten (10) bales and the swings will need fifteen (15) bales at the Steam Whistle park, and the Town Hall will need an additional 7-10 bales.
    4. Trim walnut tree on park property — 149 Orchard Street (Fred Kimball): Mayor Sullivan talked to' Mr. Kimball, who asked if the town will pay to have the trees trimmed that are going over the fence onto his property, if he cleans up his property. Mr. Kimball wants to move his car lot to the property at 149 Orchard street. Ald. Hansen is concerned with this, due to previous issues with the unkempt property at 149 Orchard Street. Mayor Sullivan received an estimate of three hundred and fifty dollars ($350.00) to trim the over hanging branches.

5. Personnel - Ald. Pinkley

    1. Cesar Lopez: Sworn in to planning commission — done
    2. Rec/Treasure Barnes: March 23-24 Out of Office - Little Rock for Seminar
    3. Rec/Treasure Barnes: March 30th Out of office — Husband surgery
    4. New part time help for parks and streets — Mayor Sullivan wants to hire someone for no more than 24 hours monthly on an as needed bases during the mowing season (April thru September). A motion was made by Ald. Pinkley to hire part time help for no more than 24 hours monthly on an as needed bases with salary to be determined, seconded by Ald. King. All approved. Motion carried.

6. 6. Annexations —Ald Hansen —No report

      Nothing to report


Business Permits

Business Permits — as of March 9, 2017

Council was notified that all businesses in town have paid their business licenses up to date with the exception of one. Warpspeed has been sent 3 letters (two regular mail and one certified mail). We have yet to hear from them. A motion was made by Ald. Gregory to impose a fifty dollar ($50.00) a day fine to the business license fee per Ordinance # 69. Seconded by Ald. Hansen. All approved. Motion carried.

    1. Pro Line Products - 263 N. 62
    2. GMI Glazing - 102 W. Rose
    3. Kimball Automotive — 149 W. Orchard
    4. K & K Auto Sales - 320 N. Hwy 62
    5. TCB Boxing - 499 S. Hwy 62
    6. MWI Construction — 819 Lester Lane
    7. Two Sisterz Liquor Store — 809 Lester Lane
    8. Assembled Products (Jotto Desk) — 817 Lester Lane
    9. Avoca Tire Shop — 230 Blevins Lane
    10. Charley's Tree Service — 214 Hobbs Road
    11. Tri-Star Automotive & Tire — 248 N. Hwy 62
    12. Kathy' s Fireworks — 720 Rolling Hills Drive
    13. Sunny & Hair— 120 W. Rose Street
    14. Williams Tree Service — 320 Rader Road

Building permits - as March 9, 2017

    1. Jerry King — 450 Chinook Drive — 40 x 50 Shop (addition to previous shop)
    2. Jordan Sullivan— 136 Hwy 62 — 30 x 40 Metal Shop

Old Business:

    1. Rose Street — animals — Mayor Sullivan dissolved committee and asked Ald. Pinkley to get ahold ofthe attorney to get an ordinance written.
    2. Bank of America Property — 309 Sheppard Road: Property was in auction and is unknown if the property has been sold. No open liens are on the property from the Town of Avoca. The property is not zoned for double wide trailer/mobile home. Rec/Treasurer Barnes to send a letter and a copy of the zoning code to Equity Partner Reality and Bank of America informing them of the ordinance. A motion was made by Ald. Gregory to send letters to Equity Partner Reality and Bank of America in regard to discontinuance of use. Seconded by Ald. Hansen. All approved. Motion carried.
    3. Building inspections — suspension
    4. a. Mayor Sullivan reiterated his opinion that the Town of Avoca is still small and the town doesn't need building inspections at this time- Ald- King states he believes the town needs to set standards. Council agreed the town needs to get things in place for inspections in the future. Ald. Hansen wants to sponsor an ordinance adopting the International Building Code. She would like to invite the citizens of the town to the readings to get feedback.
    5. Sam's Club Card — Rec/Treasurer Barnes purchased a yearly membership for one hundred dollars ($100.00).
    6. Accounting and Payroll Software Program - Rec/Treasurer Barnes informed the council QuickBooks Pro was purchased for two hundred and nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents ($219.95) and Payroll software was purchased for two hundred and seventy-three dollars ($273.00) + two dollars ($2.00) monthly per active employees with a thirty (30) day free trial, then three hundred and ninety dollars ($390.00) a year + two dollar ($2.00) monthly per active employees.
    7. Special Election — Sunday sales for beer & spirits: A new petition will need to be signed by the residence of Avoca, then it goes to the county clerk, then before the Quorum court. If all approved, it then goes on the ballet to be voted on.
    8. Website — Council asked Rec/Treasurer Barnes to inform Ron Bird from Design Works, they have decided to table this at this time and to thank him for his time. Rec/Treasurer Barnes to ask Erie Weems to have website updated in a timely manner.

    New Business:

      1. Resolution 8-17: Resolution 8-17 State and City Street Program Project was read by Rec/Treasurer Barnes. A motion to accept Resolution 8-17 was made by Ald. Hansen and seconded by Ald. Simon. All approved, motion carried.
      2. Economic Development — On hold per Mayor Sullivan
      3. Waste water system - Mayor Sullivan met with Garfield Mayor Gary Blackburn and Olsson Associates concerning a waste water system. In the very long term this will be necessary per Mayor Sullivan. Mayor Sullivan, Mayor Blackburn, Justice of the Peace McKenzie, and Olsson Associates are meeting with County Judge Moehring on March 28th to see about preliminary assistance.
      4. Delegation of responsibilities — Mayor Sullivan informed council, any council member who sponsors any legislation, they are responsible for it from beginning to end.
      5. Monitor — A monitor needs to be placed in Rec/Treasurer Barnes office. Mayor Sullivan and Recorder/Treasurer Barnes switched offces. Mayor Sullivan will look into getting this done.


    1. Easter Egg Hunt: April 8th

    2. Spring Clean-up: May 13th

    3. Avoca Birthday 50ff Party: April 2nd


    Adjournment: 8:35 PM

    Respectfully submitted,
    Nanette Barnes



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