Minutes of Regular Meeting

April 11, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Nanette Barnes
ALD: Harry Simons , Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory, Kathy Hansen,
Staff: Larry Parrish — Zoning Official
Guests: Shaun McConnaughey (Olsson and Associates) Hoss Cameron (Avoca Business Association)

Mayor Sullivan declared a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 6:37 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence

Changes to agenda

A motion was made by Ald. Hansen to suspend the rules and move Shaun McConnaughey from Olsson and Associates to the top of the agenda. Seconded by Aid. Simons. All approved. Motion carried.

Report from Shaun McConnaughey from Olsson and Associates-Study done on Rader and Woods Lodge Road: Olsson and Associates recommends to concrete line the ditches 6 inches thick and use wire mesh to help support it. Rocks or bricks can be added at an additional cost to help slow down water drainage. The concrete liner is the cheapest. Rock with a woven matt under the rock can be placed but will need more maintenance.
Olsson Associates doesn't recommend the town hiring an engineer at this time. Arkansas Department of Transportation (DOT) may have specs the town could use and a local contractor could do the work. This will need to be bid out. There is some money left that could be used to get specs from Olsson Associates. Motion was made by Ald. Gregory to have Olsson Associates make up road specs to put out for bids. Seconded by Aid. Pinkley. All approved, motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Aid. Gregory to accept the minutes of March 14, 2017 council meeting as amended. Seconded by Ald. Simons. All approved. Motion carried.

The financial report-March 2017 were approved as presented


1. No report

Avoca Fire & Rescue

1. No report



    1. Planning commission - Aid. King (Absent)

      1. Bike/Ped plan - Acceptance of action plan -public hearing April 18, 2017
      2. Master Street plan - Acceptance of master street plan - public hearing April 18, 2017
      3. Changes to zoning code - Acceptance to changes to modular homes - public hearing April 18, 2017
    2. Zoning and code enforcement - Larry Parrish
      1. Animals -Discussed at length at the March 14, 2017 Planning Meeting per Mayor Sullivan. This issue is on the next planning commission agenda for May 16, 2017
      2. meeting. Mayor Sullivan has asked Mr. Jose Gunsaulis-the county extension agent, to attend the next planning meeting to get his advice on the number of animal per acre. Waiting on a call back.
      3. A letter was sent to Nancy Goodart with no results. Chief Martinez from Little Flock was called to issue a citation.
      4. The Tire Shop- Jose Orellana has been sent numerous letters. Little Flock has issued citation. Mayor Sullivan asked the council about revoking his business license. Council has no issues with revoking his business license if the property is not cleaned up in a timely manner. Mayor Sullivan to call Frankie Elliot-Avoca Fire chief about fire violations concerning the old tires. Attorney to be asked about steps to close business.

Committee Reports:

    1. Saturday May 13, 2017
Streets - Aid. Gregory
    1. Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant update - Avoca Heritage Trail. Ald. Gregory informed council there was no new information of updates at this time.
    2. State Aid - Spring 2017 - Ald. Gregory informed council there was no new information of updates at this time.
    3. Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction
    4. Ald. Gregory asked if work orders are made up for the street and park help. Mayor Sullivan told her no, if she would like everything documented he would start writing out work orders. Ald. Gregory didn ' t think this was needed at this time. Ald. Gregory would like the ditches be cleaned out and the limbs be cleaned on Rader road before the Fall clean-up

3.  3. Town image — Rec/Tres. Barnes

    1. Avoca— 51 st birthday— March 2017: Flyers and postcards will be sent out to invite residents to the party. Rec/Treasurer Barnes will order the cake, and purchase items for the party. Ald. Gregory and Rec/Treasurer Barnes will get together to get a timeline for the town and other items of town history to display.
    2. Logo on Equipment; Aid. Hansen, would like to see the town logo on the side of e town equipment.

4.   Park - Ald. Hansen

    1. Steam Whistle Depot - No update - Aid. Hansen waiting on Mr. Shaner, she will call him.
    2. Monument restoration - Smnmer 2017 -Mayor Sullivan to ask Shirley McDaniel to help with monument restoration.
    3. Rubber mulch - On hold
    4. Trim walnut tree on park property - 149 Orchard Street (Fred Kimball): Mayor Sullivan will talk to Mr. Kimball, due to previous issues with the unkempt property at 149 Orchard Street.

5. Personnel - Ald. Pinkley

    1. New part time help for parks and streets - Mayor Sullivan hired Billy Barnes for no more than 24 hours monthly on an as needed bases during the mowing season (April thru September). Ald. Gregory asked about posting jobs.

6. 6. Annexations —Ald Hansen —No report

      Set to meet on May 2, 2017 with Ald. Simons


Business Permits

Business Permits — as of March 9, 2017

Warpspeed sent their business application and fee in. The fee was returned to owner due to Warpspeed is no longer in business.

Building permits - as March 9, 2017

    1. Travis and Laurie Richardson- 407 Sheppard Road- 2076 sq. ft. Modular Homeop

Old Business:

    1. Bank of America Property - 309 Sheppard Road: Town is unable to declare discontinuance of use. According to tax and bank records, the property is listed as a framed house not a double wide.

    2. Building inspections - suspension
      1. Ald. Hansen wants to sponsor an ordinance adopting the International Building

        Code (lBC). She would like to see some laws on the books. Mayor Sullivan would like to offer a compromise. He is not in favor of the IBC due to it being so broad and would like to adopt the Southern Building Code (SBC) that has less restrictions. He would also like to propose sending Larry Parrish to school to be licensed in inspections. Mayor Sullivan to look into the differences between the SBC and the IBC before a decision is made.

        Rec/Treasurer to check with Elizabeth Bowen and the Municipal league.

    3. Delegation of responsibilities - Mayor Sullivan informed council, he talked to Rogers and Garfield on this matter. Mayor Sullivan would like the sponsoring council member to fill out a form, bring it to Rec/Treasurer Barnes, who forwards it to the Mayor. The mayor then contacts the council member about any changes. The ordinance or resolution then goes to the lawyer who checks the document for legal issues. It then goes to the council for approval. Council members agreed to this option.
    4. Special Election - Sunday sales for beer & spirits: A new petition was signed and submitted and accepted.
    5. Economic Development-On hold per Mayor Sullivan
    6. Waste water system - Mayor Sullivan, Mayor Blackbum, Justice of the Peace McKenzie, and Olsson Associates met with County Judge Moehring on March 28th to see about preliminary assistance. They also met with the regional planning and spoke with the GIS person. Approximately 2133 people to be served. 300 ft. buffer between Avoca & Garfield. If you are within 300 ft. of a waste water line, by law you have to tie in at homeowner's expense.
    7. Not having a waste water system is holding the town of Avoca back per Mayor Sullivan. Mayor Sullivan to talk with Pea Ridge to see if Avoca can tie into their waste water system.
    8. Road Stripping - Quote was received by Custom Pavement for 39268 feet of stripping. Five thousand, ninety dollars and twenty cents ($5890.20) for reflective yellow lines on East Tucks Chapel Road, Old Wire Road, Woods Lodge, Main, Prairie Creek & Rader Road. This does not include the prep work (cleaning of the streets). Mayor Sullivan to look into renting a street sweeper. Ald. Hansen would like to add fog lines. Motion was made by Ald. Hansen to accept quote from Custom Pavement with the addition of adding fog lines on Woods Lodge and Rader Road. Seconded by Aid. Simons. All approved. Motion carried.

    New Business:

      1. Financial Statements- have been posted in six different locations (Avoca Post Office, BCWD office, Avoca One Stop, Avoca Town Hall, Avoca Facebook page and Avoca Web page).
      2. Attorney- Mayor Sullivan would like to change attorneys. He is not happy with Mr. Bearden. Mayor Sullivan would like to hire Ed McClure with Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure & Thompson, P.A. Council would like Mayor Sullivan to call Mr. Slinkard to let him know what the issues we have with Mr. Bearden, before changing attorneys.
      3. Audit-Mayor requests an audit at the end of2016 to make sure Rec/Treasurer Barnes is doing things correctly.
      4. Food Trucks- Hoss Cameron would like to see BBQ cook offs and other events in the park. Rec/Treasurer Barnes to look at ordinances concerning food trucks in local towns.
      5. Deer-Haven Subdivision- 11 houses are built so far. 110 houses to be built in the near future. They have their own waste water system. This is going to put over 200 cars on Avoca roads. One option, is widening Rose street. The other option is having a road come off Smith Ridge Road to Hwy 62. Mayor Sullivan is meeting with the Highway Dept. to find out options.
      6. Ald. Gregory and Aid. Simons to work on streets. Ald. Hansen and Ald. Simon to work on annexation. Mayor Sullivan wants to give Aid. Gregory and Ald. Hansen help.
      7. Aid. Gregory asked again that if any jobs come up, that all jobs be posted on line.


    1. Easter Egg Hunt: April 15th

    2. Spring Clean-up: May 13th


    Adjournment: 8:55 PM

    Respectfully submitted,
    Nanette Barnes



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