Minutes of Regular Meeting

May 9, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Present: Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Recorder-Treasurer Nanette Barnes
ALD: Harry Simons , Dennis Pinkley, Darlene Gregory, Kathy Hansen

Mayor Sullivan declared a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence


Hoss Cameron (Avoca Business Association)

Lance Drinkard (Rausch Coleman Homes): Rausch Coleman Homes would like to place a 4 x 8 directional sign on the comer of Rose & Hwy 62 and lease it from the town for twelve (12) months, then on a month to month basis. Aid. Simons recommended a permanent sign be made and donated by Rausch Coleman Homes, with the town of Avoca having final say on design. Mr. Drinkard spoke of putting wrought iron on sign to match something else in the area. The town can use the sign for town announcements/welcome sign when the Rausch Coleman Homes lease runs out. Mr. Drinkard will email sign design for approval. A motion was made by Ald. Hansen to support the Rausch Coleman Homes sign project be done in collaboration with the Town of Avoca. Seconded by Ald. Simons. Ald. Pinkley voted against, motion carried. Mayor Sullivan brought attention to the extra 200 automobiles on Pearl and Rose streets after the development is finished. Mr. Drinkard said Rausch Coleman Homes might be able to help

Approval of Agenda: Auditor was added under Unfinished Business

Approval of Minutes: April 2017 were approved as presented

Approval  of Financial Report: April 2017 were approved as presented


1. No Report. Aid. King would like someone from NEBCO EMS to attend a few council meetings throughout the year.

Avoca Fire & Rescue

  1. Grant: Advertising for BBQ/Picnic- approved for $600.00
  2. Rescue calls from flooding: Report from Deputy Chief Jeremy Metcalf shows 26 calls during April 25,2017 to April 30, 2017. Deputy Chief Metcalf will email Rec/Tres. Barnes a monthly call report.

Planning/Zoning Reports


    1. Planning commission - Aid. King (Absent)

      1. Bike/ped plan-Public Hearing held 4/18/17, with a good turn out from the public. The bike/peel plan was approved by planning members.
      2. Master street plan - Public Hearing held 4/18/17, with a good turn out from the public. The master street plan was approved by planning members.
      3. Changes to zoning code -Public Hearing held 4/18/17, with a good turn out from the public. Changes to the zoning code concerning mobile homes was approved by planning members.
      4. Animals- Mayor Sullivan spoke with Johnny Gunsaulis from the Benton County Extension Service manager, advised to consider using a poundage limit (one thousand pounds) per animal per acre, requiring a buffer zone for run-off, addressing disposal of dead animals and including a right to inspect in an ordinance the town adopts.
      5. A certified letter was sent to Mr. Torres denying a conditional use permit for a used car lot at 487 Hwy 62 due to lack of parking.
    2. Zoning and code enforcement - Larry Parrish
      1. No Report. Mayor Sullivan asked Mr. Parrish to hold off sending any more letters until a new attorney is hired.

Committee Reports:

    1. Clean up - May 13, 2017: Waste Management will be delivering a compactor truck and a dumpster at eight o'clock am on Saturday morning. The driver will stay with the truck and when the clean-up is over, he will take the truck and dumpster with him. The tire trailer will be delivered on Friday afternoon and will be picked up on Monday. Ald. King was concerned the compacter truck won' t be able to take all the bulk items. Mayor Sullivan assured Aldermen the compactor truck will be able to take all bulk items, except construction materials.

      Bulk home pick-up - Jason Fitzgerald from Waste Management is looking into having bulk items picked up at residence homes. This will help residence throughout the year.

Streets - Aid. Gregory
    1. Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant update - Avoca Heritage Trail­ - No updates
    2. State Aid - Spring 2017 - Resurfacing Rose street should be started in about 60 days per Mayor Sullivan.
    3. Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction - Approximate$6000.00 for Olsson Associates to write the bid. Ald. Hansen asked if we need to do this now, Mayor Sullivan said no, but eventually we will need it done. Council wants to table this until next month.
    4. Road damage due to flooding - Mayor Sullivan informed council there was little damage to the roads but Rader Road and Woods Lodge have major drainage issues. Ald. King and Ald. Gregory stated this was an isolated incident. Mayor Sullivan said that is correct but there was damage done and estimated about eighty to one hundred thousand dollars' worth of damage done. Mayor Sullivan has sent in the estimated damage to FEMA. Mayor Sullivan informed council he has spent a little over three thousand dollars on Rader Road. Mayor Sullivan has done some work on Woods Lodge, Old Wire and Prairie Cree roads. There are still places that need work, Mayor Sullivan asked for more funds. Ald. Hansen made a motion to allocate fifteen thousand dollars from the street fund to help cover remedial drainage work on Woods Lodge, Old Wire and Prairie Creek roads. Seconded by Ald. Simons. All approved. Motion carried. Ald. Gregory asked whose responsibility it is to keep culverts clean. Mayor Sullivan informed council, it.is the towns rysponsibility . and Larry & Dave were working on that issue before all the rain came.

3.  3. Town image — Rec/Tres. Barnes

    1. Civic Guides are done and delivered to a few businesses in town.
    2. Bike Races-Canceled for the year per Jason due to personal reasons.
    3. The clean-up is posted on the marquee, web page and all week on the town Facebook page.

4.   Park - Ald. Hansen

    1. Steam Whistle Depot - No update
    2. Monument restoration- Summer 2017: Ald. Hansen and Mayor Sullivan approached Tommy O'Dell concerning a more artistic way of painting the concrete around the , monument. Mayor Sullivan talked to Shirley McDaniel's who. recommends to continue out the tile work due to painting on the concrete won't last. Mayor Sullivan talked to a tile man who recommends ceramic tile. It will cause less maintenance and doesn't require yearly sealing. Ald. Hansen recommends salt stones. The boy scouts will be here to clean the monument at the end of June beginning of July. Nothing permanent will be decided until Tommy O'Dell is consulted.
    3. Rubber mulch - No update.
    4. Playground Equipment - Ald. Hansen will look at and measure area to get an idea on where to place swings.

5. Personnel - Ald. Pinkley

    1. Mayor Sullivan asked for another part time help for parks and streets as needed. Mayor Sullivan talked to Roger Gregory who is interested in this position. Aid. Simon made a motion to hire a 4th part time employee to be used as needed. Seconded by Ald. King. All approved. Motion carried.

6. Annexations —Ald Hansen

      Aid. Hansen & Aid. Simons: met to get Ald. Simons up to speed on the work done to date.


Building permits - as May 2, 2017

    1. Hendrix Building & Construction LLC (Roger & Darlene Gregory) 560 Dancer Road-1518 sq. foot new house

Unfinished Business:

    1. Review of Storm Water study from Engineer- No updates on specs.
    2. Building inspections - suspension - Rec/Tres. Barnes called Arkansas Department of Health to see about sending Larry Parrish to get licensed to do inspections. To become a licensed HVAC inspector he would need to take an open book exam. To become licensed to do Electrical inspections, he would need 4 years of electrical experience. After researching the difference between the Southern and International Building Codes, it was decided they are now one code.
    3. Special Election - Sunday sales for beer & spirits; The Quorum Court set a date for July 11, 2017. The polling place will be at the Avoca Town Hall.
    4. Waste water system- Mayor Sullivan has had several meetings with Garfield Mayor Gary Blackbum, Ken Hayes and Mayor Jackie Crabtree from Pea Ridge, Gabe Lett with Olsson Associates and John Pennington and Billy Ammons from the. Beaver Watershed Alliance. Pea Ridge will be willing to take Avoca and Garfield's waste water. All the town will need to do is get the waste water over•to them to have it treated. Mayor Sullivan stated this is very preliminary and more work needs to be done. A feasibility study will be needed. Grants maybe available to help with the study.
    5. Road Striping were done on Woods Lodge, Rader, Main, Tucks Chapel, Prairie Creek Road and Pearl. The town was not charged for Pearl.
    6. Attorney - Rec/Tres. Barnes talked to Mr. Slinkard concerning his law firm. He is no longer associated with this firm. He is there to finish up a few cases. His name is no longer associated with the Bearden Law Firm. A motion was made by Aid. Pinkley and seconded by Aid. Hansen to hire Edwin McClure with Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure & Thompson P.A. All approved. Motion carried. Rec/Tres. Barnes to send a letter to Mike Bearden releasing him form attorney duties with the Town of Avoca.
    7. Food Trucks-tabled at this time.
    8. Auditor-Rec/Tres. Barnes informed council, she talked to the auditor, who doesn't recommend an audit at this time unless something is amiss, due to being behind and understaffed. He did go over a few items that Rec/Tres. Barnes is currently doing correct.

    New Business:

      1. Ordinance 107: Adopting changes to the Zoning Code: A motion was made by Aid. Pinkley and seconded by Ald. Hansen to place Ordinance 107 on its first reading. All approved and motion carried. Rec/Tres Barnes read Ordinance 107: Adopting changes to the zoning code. A motion to except Ordinance 107: Adopting changes to the zoning code on its first reading was made by Ald. King and seconded by Aid. Simons. All approved. Motion carried.
      2. Resolution 09-17: New Attorney: A motion was made by Aid. King and seconded by Aid. Simons to read Resolution 09-17:, New Attorney. All approved and motion carried. Rec/Tres Barnes read Resolution 09-17: New Attorney. A motion to except Resolution 09-17: New Attorney was made by Aid. Hansen and seconded by Aid. King. All approved. Motion carried.
      3. Aid Hansen to sponsor 5-10-15-20-year plan: Ald. Hansen would like to get a plan for the future of the Town of Avoca. She would like to get the Avoca Business Association and local residents involved.
      4. Safety Materials: Mayor Sullivan would like to order some safety materials (barricades, signs, vest, cones, etc....). Council agreed. Mayor will get with Fire Chief Frankie Elliott to get a list of items needed.
      5. Update security system: Mayor Sullivan would like to add another four channels to the security system. He would like to add one in Rec/Tres. Barnes office, the two pavilions and one either pointing to the playground or bull pen. A motion was made by Ald. Pinkley and seconded by Ald. King to update and add 4 more cameras to the security system. All approved. Motion carried.
      6. Traffic on Rose Street due to new Subdivision: Mayor Sullivan talked to the Highway Dept. for assistance for the traffic going east of Avoca due to the new subdivision going in on Smith Ridge Road. Mayor Sullivan was told to get an engineering firm. Mayor Sullivan would like to get a bid from McClelland Engineering firm. One option is to widen Rose Street to Hwy 62. No new grants are available until January 2018. There is a county ordinance in the works to have the developer be responsible for the roads due to their projects. Mayor Sullivan will get a hold of both McClelland and Olsson Associates for bids.


    1. Easter Egg Hunt: April 15th - Great success

    2. Spring Clean-up: May 13th


    Adjournment: 9:00 PM

    Respectfully submitted,
    Nanette Barnes



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