Minutes of Regular Meeting

August 8, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting


Mayor: Jordan Sullivan
Recorder-Treasurer: Nanette Barnes
Aldermen: Dennis Pinkley, Kathy Hansen, Harry Simons, Jay King Zoning Official: Larry Parrish
Town Attorney: Edwin McClure

Guests: Diane Bowen
Jim Mills (Planning Member) Christine Pinkley (Planning Member)

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence

Public forum (30 minutes): Christine Pinkley addressed the council concerning a water fountain for the new bike/ped trail. She is looking into having it donated by The Beaver Water District. The town would need to pay the monthly water fee and to have the fountain hooked up and maintained. She will keep the council informed.

Call to Order

Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of council meeting minutes - July 12, 2017 Approval of financial report - July 2017

Avoca Fire & Rescue Department

  1. Report from Jeremy Metcalf was read by Rec/Treasurer Barnes


Update on Rescue Boat was read by Rec/Treasurer Barnes

Planning/Zoning Reports

Committee Reports:

    1. Planning commission - Aid. King

      1. Bike/ped plan - No update
      2. Animals - No update
    2. Zoning and code enforcement- Larry Parrish
      1. None
3. Clean-Up - October 2017
    1. Fall clean-up -Rec/Treasurer Barnes reported she signed the town up for the Great American Clean-up on Saturday October 28th
4. Streets - Aid. Gregory (Absent)
    1. Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant- Avoca Heritage Trail - No Update
    2. State Aid- Spring 2017 - DECCO to start at the end of August
    3. Standard Specifications for Street & Drainage Construction - Mayor Sullivan informed council he has not contacted Olsson Associates.
    4. Road damage due to flooding: FEMA meeting - Mayor Sullivan and Rec/Treasurer Barnes attended the FEMA Kick-off meeting. FEMA will come out and inspect the roads at a later date.
    5. Traffic Light- Battery Back-up: Rec/Treasurer Barnes reports after looking into a battery back-up for the traffic light on Hwy 62 and Rose Street it was recommended to not purchase a back-up battery due to cost and maintenance. Council agreed.

5.  Town image — Rec/Tres. Barnes

    1. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly
    2. Bike Races: Was a great success. A few resident concerns were emailed by Rec/Treasurer Barnes to Jason Evans prior to race.

6.   Park - Ald. Hansen

    1. Steam Whistle Depot - No update
    2. Monument restoration - Rec/Treasurer Barnes reported Cameron from Color Surfaces gave an estimate of $3500.00 to stain the concrete red and green. Council has agreed to research this issue further before making a final decision.
    3. Rubber Mulch & Playground Equipment - Ordered.
    4. Water fountain - Council agreed to have Christine Pinkley continue to look into this.
    5. Bike Repair Station - Rec/Treasurer Barnes informed council she looked into a station for the bike/ped trail. After giving the council cost estimates, they agreed to see if Jason Evans would see about sponsoring a bike race to help with cost.

8. Annexations -Aid. H.ansen & Aid. Simons

    1. Attorney Meeting - On July 241 Mayor Sullivan, Rec/Treasurer Barnes, Aldermen Hansen and Aldermen Simons met with town attorney McCh,rre concerning annexation. Sending out a survey to see what Avoca residents would like to see happen in the town before annexing further property was discussed. The town would then prioritize these needs and ideas, th,is will give the surrounding residents a reason to voluntary annex into Avoca. These needs and ideas will also help with the towns 5-10-15-20-year plan.

6. Annexations — Aid. Hansen (Absent) & Aid. Simons

    1. Attorney Meeting - July 24th

Business Permits - as of Aug 3, 2017

    1. None

Building Permits - as of Aug 3, 2017


Unfinished Business:

    1. Advertising for Bids on Rader Road - No bids have been submitted. Attorney McClure will look into waiving competitive bidding.
    2. Building inspections - suspension- Mayor Sullivan informed council there is a business owner who would like his money back concerning his building permit. Attorney McClure told council his opinion is based on the Attorney General's opinions. The first is from 2012 that states a refund is not required. The second is from 2014 and is limited to tax cases. Attorney McClure states his legal opinion is to not refund the fee. Rec/Treasurer Barnes will contact the business owner, and inform him, a letter needs to be sent to the town requesting his fee be returned. The council will then vote and he will be contacted with the results.
    3. Waste water system - No update
    4. Aid. Hansen to sponsor 5-10-15-20-year plan: An un-bias company needs to be hired to help with town survey.
    5. Rose Street Ware House - Duncan Eviction Update: Rec/Treasurer Barnes went to Court July 26t•h George Duncan has until August 31st to be out of the warehouse. His rent is paid until then per Rec/Treasurer Barnes.

New Business:

    1. ER*Assist: Help with FEMA - Aldermen King made a motion to hire ER*Assist to help with the FEMA project. 2nd by Alderman Simons. All approved. Motion carried.
    2. Internet Tax - Council has decided not to pursue this matter at this time.
    3. Aldermen Pinkley to sponsor - Property next to Brian Bowen's house: unsightly/unsanitary; Aldermen Pinkley read a letter from Brian Bowen (who was not in attendance) concerning a neighbor's pool. Diane Bowen confirmed the pool has looked like this for 10+ years. Mayor Sullivan let council know there is a letter from the health department stating they had no issues with the pool and left mosquito Dunks for homeowner to use as directed. It was asked why this issue was being brought to the council if this has been going on for 10+ years. Diane Bowen replied a couple pieces of the privacy fence came down and they can now see the pool. Mayor Sullivan informed council the fence has since been repaired and the pool is behind a privacy fence and is no longer considered unsightly. Diane Bowen insisted the pool is unsightly and unsanitary and wants something done. Diane Bowen was told she was out of order by Mayor Sullivan during a heated discussion concerning this matter. A motion was made by Aldermen King declaring this property unsightly and unsanitary. 2nd by Alderman Simons. Aldermen Hansen abstained. Motion carried. Attorney McClure will send a letter to the homeowner.


    1. Update on Dave Olson
    2. Fall clean-up- Saturday October 28th


    1. Meeting adjoumed at 8:10 PM on a motion by Aldermen Hansen and seconded by Aldermen King. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes



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