Minutes of Regular Meeting

December 12, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence

Public forum

Ald. Gregory tendered her resignation to the council effective December 31 , 2017. When asked if she was going to finish her term, she replied no and thanked everyone for 19 years of service.

Call to order

Council Roll Call

By Rec/Tres. Barnes: All present

Mayor Jordan Sullivan Rec/Tres. Nanette Bames

ALD: Jay King, Darlene Gregory, Harry Simons, Kathy Hansen, Dennis Pinkley


Town Attorney — Joey McGehee: Present

Zoning — Larry Parrish: Present


Avoca Fire Chief Frankie Elliott

Avoca Fire Captain Adam Kinney Jim Mills (Planning Member)

Declaration of quorum

Mayor Sullivan declared a quorum was present

Approval of agenda

By consent

Approval of minutes for council meeting - November 14, 2017

By consent

Approval of minutes for budget meeting - November 28, 2017

By consent

Approval of financial report - November, 2017

By consent

Staff Report

  1. Avoca Fire & Rescue
    1. Monthly Report read by Rec/Tres. Barnes
    2. Fire Chief Frankie Elliott and Captain Adam Kinney came before the council to answer any questions concerning their financials & budget that was submitted per council's request.
    1. No report per Rec/Tres. Barnes
  3. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly per Rec/Tres. Barnes
  4. Yoga Class - Classes have been postponed until Wednesday January 10, 2018 due to the holiday season per Rec/Tres. Barnes
  5. Business Permits - as of December 7, 2017
    1. None per Rec/Tres. Barnes
    2. b. Rec/Tres. Barnes reports 2018 renewal letters have been mailed out.

Committee Reports:

1. Planning commission - Aid. King
  1. Co-Chairmen Jim Mills reported the planning commission agreed to a lot split at 12879 Scenic Drive.
  2. Rec/Tres Barnes reported planning consultant Jim von Tungein will be speaking to the planning members on Thursday January 18, 2018 at 5:00 pm. The planning meeting will follow at 6:30 pm. Flyers informing residents of the date change have been posted on the web page, Facebook and around town,
2. Zoning and code Enforcement - Larry Parrish
    1. Zoning official Larry Parrish reports he is investigating trash on Rader Road.
3. Streets- Aid. Gregory
    1. Transportation Altematives Program (TAP); Avoca Heritage Trail - No updates per Mayor Sullivan.
    2. Road damage due to flooding: FEMA, No updates per Mayor Sullivan. Rec/Tres. Barnes shared a letter received by ER*Assist complimenting the town, the Mayor & Rec/Tres.
4. Park-Aid. Hansen
    1. Steam Whistle Depot — Grants; Ald. Hansen updated council, concerning the pavilion. Rec/Tres Barnes informed council advertising for bids have been published. She has received a few phone calls but no one has yet to pick up a packet or plans.
5. Personnel-Aid. Pinkley
    1. None
6. Annexations /Town Future - Aid. Hansen & Aid Simons
    1. 5-10-15-20-year plan; survey has been mailed to Avoca citizens for their input per Rec/Tres Barnes.

Old Business

  1. International Building & Additional codes: Rec/Tres. Barnes will get the town attorney November 2017 council minutes for him to write up an ordinance adopting the current Arkansas Fire Codes and current National Electric Codes and any updates.
  2. Engineer: Mayor Sullivan informed council we received several Statements of Qualification's (SOQ) for Engineering Services. Council members were given copies to look over before the January 2018 council meeting.

New Business

  1. End of Year Bonuses: Rec/Tres. Bames informed council in the past the town workers have been given $50.00 before taxes. She asked if the council wanted to continue with these bonuses. A motion was made by Ald. Hansen and seconded by Ald. Simons to raise the end of the year bonus from fifty dollars to seventy-five dollars. Discussion; none. Roll call: Ald. Gregory; yes Ald. Simons; yes, Ald. Hansen; yes, Ald. Pinkley; yes, Ald. King; yes. Motion carried.
  2. Budget: 2018 Budget will be presented at the January 2018 council meeting for approval, via resolution per Rec/Tres Barnes.
  3. Pay for Meetings: Town Attorney Joey McGehee informed council as it stands now, per Resolution 03-17, council members will not be paid for planning meetings that they attend.


  1. December 19th Planning Meeting canceled

Adjournment: 7:07 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

Attested Alderman Jay King


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