Special Council Meeting

March 27, 2018 - 6:00 PM - Special Council Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence



Public forum


Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Mayor O'Dell at 6:00 pm

Council Roll Call

Present: Mayor Thomas O'Dell Rec/Tres. Nanette Barnes
ALD: Jay King,
Harry Simons,
Robert Whitehorn,
Kathy Hansen
Absent: ALD: Dennis Pinkley

Declaration of quorum

Mayor O'Dell declared a quorum was present


Zoning issues were discussed as to Flood Water Mitigation concerning the 62.98 acres of land for sale off Old Wire Road near Dancer Road. Ald. King, stated he was not sure if the Town of Avoca had a plan at this time. Mayor O'Dell gave Ald- King different plans to take under review. Mayor O'Dell stated time management was a concern. Ald. King will take this under advisement.

Executive Session

At this time the tape recorder was turned off and Rec/Tres. Nanette Barnes left the room.

Open meeting to public

At this time the tape recorder was turned on and Rec/Tres. Nanette Barnes re-entered the room. A motion was made by Ald. Whitehorn to null and void Ordinance 110. Seconded by Ald. King. All approved, motion carried.

A motion was made by Ald. King and seconded by Ald. Simons to adjourn meeting at 8:30 pm. Approved by acclimation.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

Approved Mayor Thomas O'Dell


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