Minutes of Regular Meeting

April 10, 2018 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence


Jon Strickland - Laserfiche

Jim Mills - Avoca Planning member

Public forum


Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Mayor O'Dell at 6:30 pm

Council Roll Call

by Rec/Tres. Barnes
Present: Mayor Thomas O'Dell
Rec/Tres. Nanette Barnes
ALD: Jay King, Harry Simons, Robert Whitehorn, Kathy Hansen and Dennis Pinkley

Declaration of quorum

Mayor O'Dell declared a quorum was present


Attorney - Edwin McClure: Present

Zoning - Larry Parrish: Present

Consent of Agenda

Consent of March 13, 2018 council meeting minutes- Minutes of March 13, 2018 will stand as presented per Council.

Consent of March 27, 2018 council special meeting minutes - Minutes of March 27, 2018 will stand as presented per Council.

March 2018 Monthly Financial Statement - Presented by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Staff Report - Rec/Tres. Barnes

  1. Avoca Fire & Rescue
    1. Monthly Report; March 2018
    1. None
  3. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly
  4. Business Permits (3 Renewals & 0 New)- as ofApril 5, 2018
    1. C & K Produce - renewal
    2. MWI Construction - renewal
    3. Tri Star Automotive - renewal
  5. Building Permits - as of April 5, 2018
    1. None
  6. 2017 Financial Statement have been posted and were published 3/29/17 per Recffres. Barnes
  7. Audit for 2016 & 2017 - Rec/Tres. Barnes informed counc il, an audit was being done at the present time.

Committee Reports:

  1. Planning commission - Aid. King
    1. Flood water mitigation was being started by Planning commission.
  2. Zoning and code e,iforcement- Larry Parrish
    1. Attorney will be starting on a Cease & Desist letter to Avoca Tire Shop.
  3. Streets -Aid. Whitehorn
    1. Road damage due to flooding
      1. FEMA Update - waiting on Engineers with ESI Engineering Services to get back with a proposal.
  4. Park - Aid. Hansen
    1. Steam Whistle Depot - Grants; Council discussed the option of piecing the pavilion project out, due to lack of bids.
    2. Electric Sign - Aid. Hansen informed council the options she received from Best Sign Group. Motion was made by Ald. Hansen to proceed further with purchasing the electric sign with a spending limit of$40,000. Seconded by Ald. Pinkley. Discussion; was had concerning updates, data plan and the cost of electricity. Approved by acclimation.
  5. Personnel - Aid. Pinkley
    1. None
  6. Future of Avoca - Aid. Hansen & Aid. Simons
    1. Tabled with cause; Ald. Hansen is compiling information for the councils review from the survey received.

Old Business

  1. Laserfiche; Document management - Jon Strickland; answered questions the council had pertaining to Laserfiche's Document Center. Motion was made by Aid. Simons to proceed further with purchasing Laserfische Document Center at the quoted price of $5322.00. Seconded by Aid. Pinkley.

    Discussion; none. Approved by acclimation. Rec/Tres. Barnes will contact Jon Strickland with a time to set up the program and start training.

New Business

  1. * Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) - Avoca Heritage Trail; Council members discussed options for the Avoca Heritage Trail. Aid. Pinkley volunteered to oversee this project and will contact previous Ald. Darlene Gregory concerning where the town stands concerning the grant money and what steps the town will need to take next.
  2. AR Workforce - Unemployment; Rec/Tres. Barnes updated council pertaining to Unemployment taxes that have not been paid in previous years. Per AR Workforce Services, to get the town up to date, the town only has to go back as far as 2015. Rec/Tres. Barnes has paid 2017 fees, penalties and interest. Rec/Tres. Barnes is working on getting the town up to date with 2015, 2016 and the 1st quarter of 2018.

Mayor for the Good of the Town

  1. Consent of Monthly Financial Statement: The only financial report that needs to be approved by council, is an audit report.
  2. Ordinances: Council was informed of the meeting the Mayor, Rec/Tres. Barnes and Aid. King had with Town Attorney McClure concerning Ordinances 110, 112, 113, 114 and 115. These ordinances need to be brought back in front of the council for proper approval.
  3. Zoning Codes: Mayor O'Dell informed council, The Planning Commission needs to rewrite part of the Zoning Code, concerning the appointments and duties of the Zoning Commission and The Board of Adjustment Commission and also the section concerning mobile homes.


  1. BC Inmates to clean streets week of April 16th
  2. Planning Meeting scheduled for Tuesday April 17, 2018
  3. Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 8, 2018
  4. Spring Clean-up scheduled for Saturday May 12, 2018


A motion was made by Ald. Hansen and seconded by Ald. Pinkley to adjourn meeting at 7:55 pm. Approved by acclimation.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

Attested Alderman Jay King


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