Minutes of Regular Meeting

June 12, 2018 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence


Jim Mills — Avoca Planning member

Tony Townsend - Pea Ridge Inspector

Public forum


Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Mayor O' Dell at 6:30 pm

Council Roll Call - by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Present: Mayor Thomas O' Dell

Rec/ Tres. Nanette Barnes

ALD: Jay King

Harry Simons, Robert Whitehorn

Kathy Hansen( arrived after roll call)

Absent: ALD: Dennis Pinkley

Declaration of quorum

Mayor O'Dell declared a quorum was present


Attorney - Edwin McClure: Present

Zoning - Larry Parrish: Present

Consent of Agenda

Consent of May 8, 2018 council meeting minutes- Minutes of May 8, 2018 will stand as presented.

Consent of May 8, 2018 council special meeting minutes - Minutes of May 8, 2018 will stand as presented.

May 2018 Monthly Financial Statement - Presented by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Staff Report - Rec/Tres. Barnes

  1. Avoca Fire & Rescue
    1. Monthly Report; May 2018
    2. Firework Stands: All firework stands in the town limits nowneed to be inspected afterthey are setup and before they open per Fire Chief Frankie Elliott.
    1. None
  3. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly
  4. Business Permits (0 Renewals& I New)— as of June 7, 2018)
    1. Avoca Tire Shop; Jose Orellana- Renewal
  5. Building Permits - as of June 7, 2018
    1. None
  6. Audit for 2016& 2017— Rec/ Cres. Barnes informed council, the audit was done and she was waiting on the results.
  7. Laserfiche Document Center- Rec/Tres. Barnes informed council, installation and training was done on Tues. May 15. Rec/Tres. Barnes informed council, the towns backup systemis notup tostandard. She has Benjamin Dodge with Need Geek, working on getting the town a better system.
  8. Meeting Publications- Rec/Tres.Barnes informed council, she talked to the newspaper and our council and planning meetings will now be published in the paper.

Committee Reports:

  1. Planning commission - Aid. King
    1. The Master Street Plan will be worked on concerning gutters and curbs.
    2. The Zoning Book will be clewed up and presented to council for approval. Aid. King will get with Rec/ fres. Barnes on this matter.
  2. Board of Zoning Adjustments - Aid. King
    1. Meeting was held May 15th after the Planning meeting.
  3. Zoning and code enforcement- Larry Parrish
    1. Avoca Tire Shop- Jose Orellana; Town Attorney McClure informed council Ione Orellana was issued a temporary restraining order to cease business. He failed to comply with this order and was in contempt. A temporary hearing was held with Circuit Judge Doug Schramz on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 wherein the Judge agreed to allow Defendant more time to get in compliance. Once in compliance, the Judge ordered that Jose Orellana will be granted a business license. A second temporary hearing has been set for Friday, Jane 22, 2018.
  4. Streets -Aid. Whitehorn
    1. Road damage due to flooding
      1. i. FEMA Update — ESI Engineering was sent a letter asking to reword the proposal measurements to match the wording from FEMA. FEMA was contacted concerning an appeal for a larger sum, due to the estimate received from the Engineers was above the amount of funds received from FEMA. Recfrres. Barnes and Aid. Whitehorn are working with ER* Assist to write up bid specifications for publication.
    2. Turn signal at Hwy 62 & Rose/Russell — MayorO'Dell informed council he was working on options to get a tum signal at Hwy 62& Rose/ Russell.
  5. Park - Aid. Hansen
    1. Steam Whistle Depot- Grants— No update at this time per Aid. Hansen.
    2. Electric Sign— Rec/ rres. Barnes informed council the sign has been ordered. Mayor O' Dell informed council, Croume' sElectric& Drywall, Inc. will be doing the electrical work for both the pavilion and town sign. This work will not start until after firework season is over,
    3. Food Trucks—Rectl'res. Barnes informed the council, she talked with Patty Adams with Cajun Queen Cuisine concerning having her set up at the Steam Whistle Park. Ms. Adams said she was flexible and can move her track as needed to work around the firework stand and the work being done to the Pavilion and town sign. The council agreed to allow her to set up at the Steam Whistle Park after the Firework stand is gone. Rec/Tres. Bames will contact Ms.Adams.
    4. Parking at The Steam Whistle Depot; HBO - True Detective is filming in the area and would like to rent the area for parking. Council agreed as long as it doesn' t interfere with the fireworks stand. Rec/ Tres. Barnes will let the representative with HBO know what the council has decided.
  6. Personnel - Aid. Pinkley
    1. Rec/ Tres. Barnes informed council she will be out of the office the aftemoon of Wednesday July 11'" and all- day Thursday July 121h
    2. Mayor O' Dell informed council Billy Barnes handed in his resignation. His last day was May 30, 2018.
    3. Billy Parrish was hived to replace him and Logan Parkhurst was hired to help as needed.
    4. Rec/ Tres. Barnes informed council, Dennis Pinkley has elected to not run again for Aldermen; position 2. December 2018 will be his last council meeting.
  7. Future of Avoca - Aid. Hansen & Aid. Simons
    1. Ald. Hansen and Aid. Simons are working on the surveys received from residents.
  8. Transportation Alternatives Program ( TAP)— Avoca Heritage Trail— Aid. Pinklev
    1. None

Old Business

  1. Inspections & Code Books — Tony Townsend; Pea Ridge Building Inspector, addressed the council' s questions they had concerning code books, inspections, inspection fees and impact fees. Mayor O' Dell read an email dated October 2010 from Jeff Hawkins with Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission stating hewould not recommend a townoursin adopting housing& fire codes.Thisisdueto theyare already law statewide and the town would be responsible for administration and enforcement. Mr. Townsend recommends if the town does pass Ordinance 119, to also purchasethe 2010 State Plumbing and the 2010 State Gas Code books.
  2. Ordinance 119- Adopting Codes by Reference,' A motion was made by Aldermen Simons and seconded by Aldermen King to place Ordinance 119 on its second reading by fide only. Roll call; Aldermen King: yes, Aldermen Whitehorn: yes, Aldermen Hansen: yes, and Aldermen Simons: yes. All approved, motion carried. Attorney McClure read Ordinance 119 by title only. A motion was made by Aldermen King to accept Ordinance 118 on its second reading. Seconded by Aldermen Whitehorn. Discussion: Council members discussed the option of amending the ordinance if we do purchase the 2010 State Plumbing and the 2010 State Gas Codebooks. Council members also questioned if the utility companies do inspections ifthe town doesn't. Roll call; Aldermen Whitehorn: no, Aldermen Hansen: yes, Aldermen Simons: no,and Aldermen King: yes. Motion tied. Mayor O' Dell: abstained. Motion failed.

New Business

  1. Planning scheduled for Tuesday June 19, 2018
  2. Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday July 10, 2018

Mayor for the Good of the Town

  1. None


  1. Spring Clean-up scheduled for Saturday May 12, 2018
  2. Planning & Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 15, 2018
  3. Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday June 12, 2018


A motion was made by Aldermen Whitehom and seconded by Aldermen King to adjourn meeting at 8: 07 pm. Approved by acclimation.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

Attested Alderman Jay King


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