Minutes of Regular Meeting

July 10, 2018 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence


Jim Mills —Avoca Planning member

Hoss Cameron — Hoss's RV Repair & Restoration

Public forum

Hoss Cameron with Hoss' s RV Repair & Restoration addressed the council concerning a car show he would like to sponsor in the town park. No specific date has been set, he is waiting to see if the Avoca Fire Department is going to have their cookout. The town council would like to have a town picnic even if the Avoca Fire Department decides to not have their cookout.

Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Mayor O' Dell at 6:30 pm

Council Roll Call - by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Present: Mayor Thomas O' Dell

Rec/ Tres. Nanette Barnes

ALD: Jay King, Harry Simons,

Robert Whitehom

Kathy Hansen

Dennis Pinkley

Declaration of quorum

Mayor O'Dell declared a quorum was present


Attorney - Edwin McClure: Present

Zoning - Larry Parrish: Present

Consent of Agenda

Apple Shed Award and Fee Schedule was added to agenda, under new business.

Consent of June 12, 2018 council meeting minutes - Minutes of May 8, 2018 will stand as presented.

June 2018 Monthly Financial Statement- Presented by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Staff Report - Rec/Tres. Barnes

  1. Avoca Fire & Rescue
    1. Monthly Report; June 2018— 35 calls
    2. Firework Stands: All fireworkstands in the town limits passed inspections per Fire Chief Frankie Elliott.
    1. None
  3. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly
  4. Business Permits (1 Renewals & I New) — as of July5,2018)
    1. Uncle Sam's Fireworks (Renewal)
    2. Knock Out Welding (New)
  5. Building Permits - as of July 5, 2018
    1. Beaver Storage
  6. Auditfor2016& 2017— still in progress per Rec/TresBarnes.
  7. Computer Back up— Benjamin Dodge with Nerd Geek is working on a back- up system for the town computers. Mayor O' Dell would like to have Nerd Geek come check the computers every quarter. Council members agreed.

Committee Reports:

  1. Planning commission - Aid. King
    1. The Zoning Book will be cleaned up and presented to council for approval per Ald. King
  2. Board of Zoning Adjustments - Aid. King
    1. Meeting will be held July 17th after the Planning meeting per Ald. King.
  3. Zoning and code enforcement- Larry Parrish
    1. TCB Boxing—Town has received a noise complaint concerning the music coming from this business. Zoning official Parrish is in the process of looking into this complaint.
    2. Dogs — Town has received a couple complaints concerning dogs. Some residents are having problems walking their dogs, who are on leashes, due to other dogs attacking them. Zoning official Parrish is in the process of looking into this complaint.
    3. Avoca Tire Shop- Jose Orellana; Town Attorney McClure informed council, a temporary hearing was held on July 22°^1informing Judge Schrsntz the Avoca The Shop was in compliance and was issued a business license. At the previous hearing dated May 23`^, it was determined Jose Orellana was in willful contempt for continuing to do business after receiving the cease and desist order. Judge Schmitz ordered loseOrellanato payal llegal feesand coststhe townof Avoca has had topay.JoseOrellana has until October 25th to pay these fees. it.
    4. Mayor O' Dell informed council a complaint form has been printed for residents to come in to fill out for any complaint they may have. This will help Zoning official Parrish.
  4. Streets - Aid. Whitehorn
    1. Road damage due to flooding
      1. FEMA Update—A meeting has been set with Jason Appel-ESI Engineering and ER* Assist to get started on bid specifications for publication.
    2. Turn signal at Hwy 62 & Rose/Russell — MayorO'Dell informed council he was working on options to get a tum signal at Hwy 62& Rose/ Russell.
  5. Park - Aid. Hansen
    1. Steam Whistle Depot- Grants— Mayor O'Dell to check on VFW grant monies.
    2. Electric Sign—Mayor O' Dell informed council, Crame' sElectric& Drywall, Inc. will be starting electrical work for both the pavilion and town sign this month.The pad forthe pavilion will also be started this month per Mayor O'Dell.
    3. Food Tracks—Rec/Trex Barnes informed council members, Patty Adams with Cajun Queen Cuisine came in and paid her business license fee. The council discussed charging a fee to food trucks to lease a portion ofthe park.
    4. Ald. Hansen wanted to praise the town workers on a good job, the town and parks look great.
  6. Personnel - Aid. Pinkley
    1. Rec/Tres. Barnes informedcouncil shewill beout oftheoffice Wednesday July l l" and Thursday July 12a
    2. Rec/ Tres. Barnes informed council, Christine Pinkley will beresigning her Planning Commission position, her last meeting will be December 2018.
    3. Rec/ Tres. Barnes to attend Municipal Clerks Institute— Fayetteville; Sept 10— 20a. Council agreed to have Rec/ Tres. Barnes stay in Fayetteville during that time.
  7. Future of Avoca - Aid. Hansen & Aid. Simons
    1. Ald. Hansen and Aid. Simons met and made up aBier and a letter to be sent to area residents concerning annexing into Avoca. Town attorney McClure will research whether there is any prohibition against sending letters to solicit folks to annex into our town.
  8. Transportation Alternatives Program ( TAP)— Avoca Heritage Trail— Aid. Pinklev
    1. None

Old Business

  1. None

New Business

  1. Impact Fees—Aid. Hansen recommends Impact Fees on all new building permits. A motion was made by Aid. Hansen to have town attorney McClure write up an ordinance to establish impact fees based on pad size with arate for residential and a higher rate for commercial for any new construction in the town. Seconded by Aid. King. Discussion was held concerning amount to charge, Rec/ Tres. Barnes to get neighboringtownfees. All approved. Motion passed.
  2. Tomado Sirens—Mayor O' Dell asked Aid. Simons to look into a Tornado Siren.
  3. Apple Shed Award—Council members discussed who would receive the 2018 Apple Shed Award.
  4. Fee Schedule—Ald. Hansen made a motion to amend the current fee schedule to add amonthly fee of fifty- dollars for food trucks to lease town property. Seconded by Aid. Simons. Discussion: none. All approved. Motion passed.

Mayor for the Good of the Town

  1. Mayor O' Dell informed council, he has requested fromthe State of Arkansas, alist of businesses in the town limits that pay sales taxes. He would like to make sure all businesses are paying sales tax and the Town of Avoca is receiving any sales tax due.
  2. Mayor O' Dell informed council the air conditioner went out and has been repaired.
  3. Mayor O' Dell let council know, all gas tickets will now be paid under the General Fund.


  1. Planning Meeting scheduled for Tuesday July 17, 2018
  2. Board of Zoning meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2018
  3. Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday August 14, 2018


A motion was made by Aldermen Pinkley and seconded by Aldermen Simons to adjourn meeting at 7:55 pm. Discussion: none. All approved. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

Attested Alderman Jay King

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