Minutes of Regular Meeting

November 13, 2018 - 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

Call to order

Meeting was called to order by Mayor O'Dell at 6:30 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence


Frankie Elliott - Avoca Fire Chief

Michael Kalagias - Avoca Fire Dept.

Joe Mills - Planning Member

Billy Parrish

Jordan Sullivan

Public forum

Council Roll Call - by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Present: Mayor Thomas O'Dell
Rec/Tres. Nanette Barnes
ALD: Jay King, Harry Simons, Robert Whitehorn, Kathy Hansen & Dennis Pinkley

Declaration of quorum

Mayor O'Dell declared a quorum was present


Town Attorney: Ed McClure: Present

Zoning: Larry Parrish: Present

Consent of Agenda

Consent of October 9, 2018 council meeting minutes - Minutes will stand as presented.

October 2018 Monthly Financial Statement - Presented by Rec/Tres. Barnes

Staff Report - Rec/Tres. Barnes

  1. Avoca Fire & Rescue
    1. Monthly Report ; October 2018 - 45 calls
    2. Avoca Fire Chief Frankie Elliott updated council concerning Fire Dept. business and calls through the 2018 year. He has requested an increase in the towns yearly donation to help staff the fired dept.
    1. None
  3. Facebook & Website: Updated regularly
  4. Business Permits (0 Renewals & 1 New) — as of November 1,, 2018)
    1. Git- R-Done Landscaping; Bradley Gabbard, 731 E. Tucks Chapel Road
  5. Building Permits - as of November 1, 2018
    1. Ben Decker - 522 Mary Lane; 3708 Square foot custom house
  6. Fall Clean-up - was a success per Rec/Tres. Barnes. A special thanks to the Avoca Fire Dept. for always volunteering for the clean-ups.
  7. Trunk or Treat-was a success per Rec/Tres. Barnes. A special thanks to the Charity Thornhill for the success of this event.
  8. Budget Meeting - is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4th at 6:30 pm.

Committee Reports:

  1. Planning commission - Aid. King
    1. Updating the Zoning Code Book is still in progress per Aid. King.
  2. Board of Zoning Adjustments - Aid. King
    1. Next meeting - December I 8 th after the Planning Meeting
  3. Zoning and code enforcement - Larry Parrish
    1. 62 Truck Stop, Warpspeed & Ruiz Properties - Zoning Official Parrish updated council on the clean - up progress being done at the 62 Truck Stop. Attorney McClure informed council, he has not received the receipt stating Warpspeed received the certified letter sent to them. Zoning Official Parrish states Warpspeed has been cleaning up their property, it still needs work, but it looks like some progress has been made. Attorney McClure informed council, the Ruiz property, is st ill an ongoing issue. They are still not in compliance & have yet to pay their fines. A motion was made by Aid. Simons and seconded by Ald. King to have Attorney McClure move forward on prosecuting Ruiz concerning unpaid fines and asserting a lean conce rning Unsig htly & Unsanitary. Discussion: None. All approved. Motion carried.
    2. Avoca Tire Shop: Jose Orellana -Attorney McClure informed council, Mr. Orellano has made a partial payment toward his fines, and has until December 23rd to pay the balance.
  4. Streets - Aid. Whitehorn
    1. Road damage due to flooding
      1. Attorney McClure is working on writing up a contract between the Town of Avoca and NEC Inc.
      2. FEMA Update -Rec/Tres. Barnes will contact ER*Assist to find out what the next step is after all contracts are signed.
  5. Park - Aid. Hansen
    1. Steam Whistle Depot
      1. Grant - No updat e
      2. Pavilion - Mayor O'Dell updated council on the pavilio n; he is finishing up the window sections of the pavilion. Discussion was held concerning how and what to make the Steam Whistle Depot sign out of.
    2. Craft Fair -Ald. Hansen asked council if the town should look for venders to sell their items at the new pavilion during the October 2018 craft fairs. Council has decided to table this iss ue at this time.
  6. Impact Fees -Aid. Hansen
    1. Capitalization Policy; Aid. Hansen and Rec/Tres. Barnes will meet on Thursday, November 15h1
  7. Future of Avoca - Aid. Hansen & Aid. Simons
    1. New Businesses - No update
    2. Annexation - No update
  8. Food Trucks - Aid. Hansen
    1. Leases; Aid. Hansen and Rec/Tres. Barnes will meet on Thursday, November 15th
  9. Farmers Market - Aid. Hansen
    1. Leases & Getting set up; Aid. Hansen and Rec/Tres. Barnes will meet on Thursda y, November 15
  10. Farmers Market - Aid. Hansen
    1. Resignation of Ald. Simons & Jordan Sullivan Appo intm e nt; Rec /Tr c:s. Barnes read Aid. Simons resignation letter. A motion was made by Ald. Hansen and seconded by Ald. Whitehorn to accept Ald. Simons resignation. Discuss ion; was held concerning when Jordan Sullivan can be sworn in to replace Aid. Simons. All approved. Motion carried.
    2. Open Positions; Council (2) & Planning ( l ); Rec/Tres. Barnes informed council, s he has filled the Planning Member position, and after the first of the year, the council will have two empty seats.
    3. Employee Health Insurance; Rec/Tres. Barnes informed council, she went and talked to Pea Ridge, Centerton and Little Flock to see if she can piggy-backoff their health insurance. All three towns have all agreed. A motion was made by Aid. Whitehorn and seconded by Aid. Simons to have the town pay for Rec-Tres. Barnes monthly healt h insurance premiums and to piggy back off of Pea Ridge. Discuss ion; none. All approved. Motion carried .
    4. Rec-Tres. Barnes will be off a half day on November 20 & off November 21's for Thanksgi ving.
  11. Transportation Alternatives Program (FAP) - Avoca Heritage Trail - Ald. Pinkley
    1. Meeti ng with Tim Mays (ESl Engine ering Services); Aid. Pinkley infonned council, Ald. Hansen, Aid. Whitehorn, Recff res. Barnes and himself met with Tim Mayes conce rning the Heritage Trail. A motion was made by Aid. Pinkley and seconded by Aid. Hansen to accept ESI Engineering Services proposal. Discussion; was held concerning finances and the need for the trail. Roll call: Aid. King; yes, Aid. Simons; no, Aid. Whiteho rn; yes, Aid. Hansen; yes and Aid. Pinkle y; yes. Motion carried. Rec-Tres. Barnes will get the signed contract to ESJ Engineering Services.

Old Business

  1. Agreement with Avoca Extension Homemakers Club; Mayor O' Dell informed council, he is in the process of having the property surveyed, and will update the council when more information is available,

New Business

  1. New Contract with Waste Management; Aid. Whitehorn and Mayor O'Dell are working on getting other company bids before, turning Waste Managements contract over to the town att orney.

Mayor for the Good of the Town

  1. Mayor O'Dell infonned council he feels he has let the town and coun cil do wn concerning updating the Zoning Code Book and getting it up to Arkansas State law.


  1. Planning Meeting scheduled for Tuesday November 20, 2018
  2. Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 11, 2018
  3. Board of Zoning meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2018
  4. Budget Meeting December 4, 2018
  5. Office closed November 21 & 22 (Thanksgiving)
  6. Christmas Parade is scheduled for December 8, 2018


A motion was made by Ald. Simon s and seconded by Aid. Pinkley to adjourn meeting at 8:02 pm. Discussion: none. All approved. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette Barnes, Recorder-Treasurer

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