Planning Meeting

March 21, 2017 - 7:00 PM

Planning Commission
Jay King, Alvin Brewer, Jim Mills, Christine Pinkley, Cesar Lopez


Planning Commission Staff Present
Mayor Jordan Sullivan, Nannette Barnes, Larry Parrish

Diego Trejo, Reyes Garcia, Hoss Cameron, Martha Lopez, Zak Johnston

A quorum was declared by Chairman King and meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

The minutes of January 17, 2017 were reviewed by commission members prior to the meeting.

Public comments- Diego Trejo asked the commission to consider his request for a conditional use permit to operate a used car sales business at 487 Hwy. 62. Chairman King asked Mr. Trejo to give the commission time to consider the property and his request and the commission would make a ruling on the conditional use permit at the next scheduled meeting on April 18. Mr. Trejo agreed.

Hoss Cameron spoke to the Commission about starting a business owners association in Avoca. Mr. Cameron stated the mission would be to represent business interests at public meetings as well as establish a volunteer basis to assist the community. He is currently serving as President.

Old Business

  1. Motion was made by A. Brewer to elect C. Pinkley as Planning Commission Recorder. Motion was seconded by J. Mills. All approved. Motion carried.
  2. A public hearing for the Bike and Pedestrian Plan has been scheduled for April 18, 2017 at 6:00. This public meeting will also be for the changes to Master Street Plan as well as zoning code changes which affect mobile homes. C. Pinkley voiced concerns about adequately informing public of the hearing. Postings will bein city park, and local businesses. J. Mills suggested mailing flyers to residents.

New Business

  1. Cesar Lopez appointed as Planning Commission member.
  2. The conditional use of the property at 487 Hwy. 62 as a used car lot was discussed. Planning Commission members voiced concerns regarding space available for parking of cars for sale as well as parking for adjacent businesses. Chairman King read letters of concern from adjacent business owners regarding the issue of parking. A vote was postponed until all commission members can look closely at property. Chairman King noted that Mr. Lopez will have to recuse himself from the vote when it occurs as he owns the property in question.
  3. Revisions to animal ordinance were discussed. No member of the Planning Commission heard concerns from citizens contacted for input. After a discussion about permits to have livestock or fowl within city limits it was decided including such would be burdensome and difficult to enforce. It was decided not to include that in ordinance. Larry Parrish voiced concerns about enforcement of any ordinance put in place with regards to number of animals. Commission members discussed issues being complaint driven. Any violation of an adopted animal ordinance would be investigated upon a complaint. Motion was made by Brewer to accept the Livestock and Fowl Ordinance as revised. Seconded by Pinkley. All approved. Motion carried.
  4. The next scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission will be April 18, 2017 immediately following the public hearing.

Committee Reports


Open Discussion



Respectfully submitted,

Christine Pinkley Secretary

Approved, Jay King, Chairman

Attested, Jim Mills, Vice-Chairman

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