Planning Meeting

Regular Meeting

October 9, 2017 - 6:30 PM

Planning Commission Present

Commission Members

Jay King - Planning Chairman
Jim Mills - Planning Vice
Chairman Alvin Brewer
Christine Pinkley

Planning Commission Staff Present

Mayor Jordan Sullivan
Nanette Barnes, Recorder -Treasurer
Larry Parrish, zoning official


Darlene Gregory
Councilman Rachel Etoll
Harry Simmons, Councilman
Bob Bracey, Chairman Benton County Planning Board



Chairman King declared a quorum and the public hearing was called to order at 6:00pm.

1. Marheineke pool- Chairman King asked if A. Brewer and C. Pinkley had been to observe the swimming pool at Dale Marheineke's residence since the Planning Meeting of September 19. Both Brewer and Pinkley had and observed stagnant water at the time of their visit. J. King attempted to contact Kyle Krievans , Environmental Health Specialist with Arkansas Dept. of Health to update status of pool and did not receive a responseprior to meeting. C. Pinkley noted Avoca Ordinance 110, Regulations Concerning Unsightly and Unsanitary Conditions Section #2 states owners and occupants are required to eliminate, fill up or remove stagnant pools of water. Members discussed the ordinance's application to Mr. Marheineke's pool. Motion was made by A. Brewer to require Mr. Marheineke to drain water from the pool at his residence. Motion was seconded by J. Mills . All approved, motion carried. Motion will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, October 10.

Public Comments

Darlene Gregory, Councilm an, shared her concerns regarding lack of neighbors reaching out to help those in need in community. Motion was made to adjourn by C. Pinkley, seconded by J. Mills. All in favor, motion approved. Public Hearing was adjourned at 6:25.

Respectfully submitted

Christine Pinkley Secretary

Approved, James Mills, Vice-Chairman

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