Planning Meeting

April 17, 2018

Planning Commission Staff Present

Commission Members:
Jay King, Chairman
Jim Mills, Vice Chairman
Christine Pinkley, Secretary
Rachel Etoll


Alvin Brewer


Mayor Tommy O'Dell
Beverly Lorenz
Opal Casey
Ray Casey

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order by Chairman King at 6:30. Motion made by Mills to accept minutes of March 20, 2018 meeting as written, motion seconded by Etoll. Carried

Committee Reports

Parrish, Zoning Official- Cease and desist letter has been sent to Avoca Tire Shop after numerous opportunities to correct problems.

Public comments-


Old Business:

During the discussion of Master Street Plan Mayor O' Dell suggested City be broken into sections to address needs of street planning. Pinkley asked if there were some urgency due to possible development of property on Old Wire Road. Members of the Commission agreed. Master Street Plan Committee to meet May 1, 2018 at 5:30 to work.

New Business:

  1. Chairman King stated he was not ready to discuss flood water mitigation proposals at this time.
  2. Mr. Ray Casey is wanting to move mobile home onto property for daughter to reside in. She will be caring for her parents. Planning Commission agreed they would take it into consideration if a survey and proper paperwork was submitted to City.
  3. Mayor O' Dell brought to the Planning Commission his concerns regarding what he considers to be an omission in how Planning Commission members are appointed. Avoca Zoning Code adopted by Ordinance No. 107 by City, Section 3 allows for Administration and Enforcement by Zoning Official. Section 4 allows for Board of Zoning Adjustment. Mayor O' Dell stated nowhere is there a provision allowing for Planning Commission, or their appointment. In the future, Board of Adjustment will meet prior to Planning Commission Meetings, and must meet a minimum of four times per year. Pinkley expressed concern that City would be expected to pay members for two meetings; King stated that would not be the case. Meetings will run consecutively and be considered one meeting for purposes of compensation.
  4. Mayor O' Dell addressed the Commission in regards to duties of Planning Commission. Commission cannot write any ordinances; they are to work only with the use of land. Unsightly and unsanitary ordinance will be placed under Council' s authority. Mayor O' Dell stated Board of Adjustments will vote on variances to Zoning Code; Planning Commission will vote on lot splits. Chairman King expressed his understanding to be Board of Adjustments will be responsible for lots splits as well as Code variances. No consensus was reached in regards to the duties of each.


Barnes shared the Benton County inmates would be cleaning up town streets the week of April 16tH Spring clean up for Town is scheduled for May 12, from 8:30- 11. Next Planning Meeting is scheduled for May 15, 2018.

Motion was made to adjourn at 7: 20 by Pinkley, seconded by Mills; motion carried, meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Christine Pinkley Secretary

Approved, Jay King, Chairman

Approved, Jim Mills, Vice Chairman

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