Planning Meeting

May 15, 2018

Planning Commission Staff

Commission Members:
Jay King, Chairman
Jim Mills, Vice Chairman
Christine Pinkley, Secretary
Rachel Etoll



Planning Commission Staff

Nanette Barnes, Recorder/ Treasurer
Larry Parrish, Zoning Official


Mayor Tommy O'Dell

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 6:35 Motion was made to approve minutes from April 17, 2018 Planning Commission meeting by Brewer and seconded by Mills. Motion carried.

Committee Reports


Public comments -


Old Business:

  1. No action was taken regarding zoning codes, utility easements or town beautification/maintenance.
  2. Chairman King asked members to review and be prepared to discuss subdivision regulations at June Planning meeting. Master Street Plan in regards to development of Foerster property to be discussed. Chairman King passed out Appendix D of 2006 International Fire Code/ Arkansas 2007: Fire Apparatus Access Roads. Pinkley referenced Avoca Zoning Code which refers to same code. Question was raised whether Town has adopted 2006 International Fire Code by ordinance. Mayor O' Dell stated the Council is currently discussing that issue.
  3. Current Zoning Code does not address the number of members that should be on Planning Commission. Brewer stated the number of members is based upon population and should be either 5 or 7 members depending on the current population of Avoca. Chairman King said he and Mayor O' Dell will meet to research the issue.

New Business:

  1. Pinkley questioned who is responsible for notifying neighbors when a variance comes before the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment. Brewer stated it was law that neighbors must be notified by certified letter and questioned whether that was part of the Town' s requirements before coming before the Commission. Barnes stated that was not currently part of the paperwork required. Pinkley questioned whether the Town could also post signage with notification of public hearings when property is affected. It was decided to post signage and also include requirement of certified letters be sent by property owners requesting adjustment in compliance with law. Signs will be posted by zoning official on property in question. Mayor O' Dell stated he would look into having signs made and what they needed to say.


Next Planning Meeting scheduled for June 19, 2018.

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:05 by Pinkley; seconded by Etoll. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Christine Pinkley Secretary

Approved, Jay King, Chairman

Approved, Jim Mills, Vice Chairman

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