Planning Meeting

June 19, 2018

Planning Commission Staff

Commission Members:
Jay King, Chairman
Jim Mills, Vice Chairman
Christine Pinkley
Secretary Alvin Brewer
Rachel Etoll



Planning Commission Staff

Nanette Barnes, Recorder/ Treasurer


Mayor Tommy O'Dell

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 6: 33 Motion was made to approve minutes from May 15, 2018 Planning Commission meeting by Mills and seconded by Etoll. Motion carried.

Committee Reports


Public comments -


Chairman King asked consent to move lot Split, under New Business on agenda, to start of meeting. No member opposed.

Old Business:

  1. Subdivision regulations discussed. Brewer stated regulations looked sufficient and accurate. Pinkley mention Fire Apparatus Appendix cited in regulations. Same Appendix was discussed at last Planning meeting. Appendix does not appear to be in conflict with other codes or ordinances.

    Barnes noted our current codes require 15 copies of survey be submitted by parties seeking lot splits. She felt that requirement to be excessive. Discussion was held in regard to how many would be necessary. King will research where the requirement is written in regards to how many copies must be submitted and will bring it in for review at next meeting.

    Chairman King reviewed RI zoning codes. King pointed out R3 and R2 Residential zoning calls for minimum lot area to be % acre. Discussion was held regarding area necessary for septic system to meet on-site septic system approved by State Health Department. As currently written, R2 Residential code( f)(4) states " provided adequate on- site sanitary facilities are approved by the State Health Department". R3 code has no such language. Commission discussed necessity of adding that language to the zoning code for R3.

    Chairman King notified the Commission that signs have been printed and will be posted on properties prior to public hearings.

  2. Mayor O' Dell discussed impact fees. Town Council is considering adding them to new housing construction. O' Dell suggested a committee of Council and Planning members be formed to research and discuss. Chairman King stated he will contact town of Pea Ridge to inquire about their impact fees.
  3. Flood water mitigation plans from other towns were received for review.
  4. Chairman King has reviewed By-Laws for Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments. He stated some changes are necessary to bring each in alignment with the other, as well as State law. King will bring proposed changes to future meeting.
  5. Unsightly and Unsanitary code will be changed with future public hearing.

New Business:

  1. Motion was made by Brewer to approve lot split for Ray Casey at 11473 Walkenbach Road. Seconded by Etoll. Motion carried.


Next Council Meeting scheduled for July 10, 2018.

Next Planning Meeting scheduled for July 17, 2018.

Board of Adjustments meeting scheduled for July 17, 2018

C. Pinkley will be resigning her seat on the Planning Commission after December 2018.

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:16 by Etoll; seconded by Mills. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Christine Pinkley Secretary

Approved, Jim Mills, Vice Chairman

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