Planning Meeting

July 17, 2018 - Regular Meeting


Jay King, Chairman

Jim Mills, Vice Chairman

Christine Pinkley

Secretary Alvin Brewer

Rachel Etoll



Planning Commission Staff

Nanette Barnes, Recorder/Treasurer
Larry Parrish


Mayor O'Dell
Amy Elliott

A quorum was declared and the meet ing was called to order at 6:35.

Committee Reports:


Public comments:


Old Business

  1. Brewer st at ed his review of Street Plans w ere very similar to Avoca's with the exception of lot size. Ours is ½ acre required. Discussed Zoning Code R1 Residential needs to be updated to reflect sept ic syst em inspection and approval by Health Department. Chairman King to work on update to be included in next public hearing.
  2. No action taken in regards to Master Street Plan.
  3. Rules defining Plann ing Commis sion member ship and appointment reviewed. Section 14-56- 405 to be amend ed to read: Appointment by Mayor and confirmed by City Council. Pinkley questioned Section 14-56-412 Powers and Duties of Commi ssion, specifically (f). Section (f)(l )refers to "public land, ut ilit ies or development". Section (f)(3) has to do with "failure of the commission to act" in regards to submitt ing public board, commi ssion or body. Pinkley questioned whether this section refer s only to public lands and submitting bodies, or does it also apply to the general public submitting plans in regards to privately owned lands? Chairman King agreed clarification was need ed.

New Business

  1. Property owners at 647 Tucks Chapel Road {Felipe and Yolanda Ruiz; Ascension Morales) have inquired as to whether they can pay a fine to have their lot split proceed. Planning Commission declined to consider lot split in January due to code violations. Parrish stated the property continues to be in violation of Town Code s. Decision was made to refer issue to Town's att orn ey. Pinkley st ated a written response needs to be sent to property owners


  1. Next Planning Commission meeting scheduled for August 21, 2018

Motion was made to adjourn at 7:14 by Etoll. Seconded by Mills. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Pinkley

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