Planning Meeting

October 16, 2018 - Regular Meeting


Jay King, Chairman

Jim Mills, Vice Chairman

Christine Pinkley, Secretary

Alvin Brewer

Rachel Etoll



Planning Commission Staff

Nanette Barnes, Recorder/Treasurer

Larry Parrish, Zoning Official


Mayor O'Dell
Robert Whitehorn

A quorum was declared and the meeting was called to order at 6:30. Minutes from September 18, 2018 Planning Commission meeting were accepted as presented.

Committee Reports:


Public comments:

Mayor O'Dell reported on Steam Whistle Depot. Work is progressing as planned. Mayor O'Dell reported the Women's Auxiliary is willing to deed their property to the town of Avoca. Mayor O'Dell is working on the details to make that happen .

Old Business

  1. Revision of Zoning Codes, utility easements and town beautification/maintenance - no action taken.
  2. No action taken on revision of code establishing number of members on Planning Commission.
  3. Ruiz Property at Tucks Chapel Road- Town lawyer has been working to contact. Current situation will result in $500 per property fine accruing daily beginning 11/1/18. Pinkley questioned the dumping of materials on the property. Larry Parrish, zoning off icial, stated he would take a closer look at what is being dumped in ditch.

New Business

  1. Women's Auxiliary building/property being considered for purchase by Town. (see Public Comments)
  2. Recorder/Treasurer Barnes stated she had received a call inquiring about the establishment of a dog pound in town limits. Parrish stated Zoning Codes do not allow for such.


Next Planning Commission meeting scheduled for October 16, 2018.

Board of Zoning Adjustment scheduled to meet October 16, 2018.

Motion was made to adjourn at 6:50 by Etoll. Seconded by Brewer. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Pinkley

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