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Resolution 01-18

Meeting Rules for Town Council.

Resolution 02-18

2018 Budget.

Resolution 03-18

A resolution adopting a general pay scale schedule.

Resolution 04-18

Posting of bylaws and ordinances.

Resolution 05-18

A resolution recognizing the opioid epidemic in the United States.

Resolution 07-18

A resolution for the provision of health insurance for staff.

Resolution 08-18

A resolution concerning the compensation and duties of the zoning official.

Resolution 01-19

Meeting Rules for Town Council.

Resolution 02-19

A resolution adopting the 2019 budget for the town of Avoca, Arkansas

Resolution 03-19

A resolution adopting a general pay scale schedule

Resolution 04-19

A resolution providing for the posting of bylaws and ordinances for the Town of Avoca

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